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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 461

23051. दक्षिणी अमेरिका की विभिन्न प्रजातियो मे किसकी संख्या सर्वाधिक है?

23052. Which of the following is an activator of LCAT -

23053. Where did Victor Hope die?

23054. Which of the following impellers will provide radial flow?

23055. पश्चिमी द्वीप समूह मे पूरे वर्ष वर्षा किसके द्वारा होती है ?

23056. To balance Al(OH)3 + HNO3 → Al(NO3)3 + H2O, number of H2O molecules produced will be

23057. Justice Nanavati Commission submitted its final report on 18 Nov to the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The report is related to

23058. The number of amino acids by which human proteins are manufactured is

23059. Wine is obtained after alcoholic fermentation of

23060. MCQ The QWERTY design type writers and computers keyboards is invented by

23061. Three characteristics of op amps make them almost ideal amplifiers: very high input impedance, very low impedance, and ________.

23062. केन्द्रीय विश्वविद्यालयों की राज्य में संख्या कितनी हैं ?

23063. In December solstice , the sun shines indirectly on

23064. Where was Henry David Thoreau born?

23065. A female patient has adenocarcinoma uterus along with sarcoma of uterus.It is known as-

23066. Counter-immunoelectrophoresis is used for the detection of

23067. Mrs. Sinha having her youngest child of 6 yrs age presents to her family physician with complains of pruritis vulvae and amenorrhoea.On examination she is found to have loss of public and axillary hairs,patch of vitiligo and hypotension.She is lethargic and has cold intolerance.She has got multiple skin infections and anemia.All of the following should be used to treat her. Except-

23068. Which of the following can be recognized by a Deterministic Finite-state Automaton ?

23069. 'जागतिक शौचालय दिन '(World Toilet Day) कधी पाळला जातो ? 

23070. Organisms can synthesize ATP by oxidative phosphorylation when they

23071. The Grayhack shunt is established between

23072. If x and y are the two digits of the number 653xy such that this number is divisible by 80, then x y = ?

23073. Myxoedema coma is treated with -

23074. अयोध्या को प्राचीन काल में किस नाम से जाना जाता था ?

23075. मध्यप्रदेश की स्थापना किस वर्ष में हुई?

23076. Cats and dogs are example of

23077. जगातील सर्वात आलीकडे अस्तीत्वात आलेला देश कोणता ?

23078. Identify the material with low ductility:

23079. The one measurement of fetal maturity that is not affected by a 'bloody tap' during amniocentesis is -

23080. The key F12 opens a

23081. विष्णुशास्त्री पंडित यांनी कोणत्या वृत्तपत्रातून विधवांच्या दु:खांना वाचा फोडली?

23082. Char Minar Situated In Which City Of India.

23083. Poly(A) tail translates into -

23084. राज्यघटनेत ११ वे परिशिष्ट कोणत्या घटनादुरुस्तीअन्वये समाविष्ट केले आहे ?

23085. भारतात टांकसाळी खालीलपैकी कोणत्या ठिकाणी नाही?

23086. Central Retinal artery occlusion is known to be associated with:

23087. प्रदेश के अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय ख्यातिप्राप्त शहनाई वादक का नाम बताइए |

23088. For ideally incompressible fluid, the Mach number will be

23089. The word \'formal\' in formal languages means

23090. How did Anne Boleyn die?

23091. भातखण्डे हिन्दुस्तानी संगीत महाविद्यालय प्रदेश के किस नगर में है ?

23092. உலகிலேயே இந்தியாவில் அதிகமாக கிடைக்கும் தாது?

23093. "रेसेज एण्ड कल्चर्स ऑफ इण्डिया" नामक पुस्तक में संथाल जनजाति की जानकारी मिलती हैं, इस पुस्तक का संबंध किस लेखक से हैं ?

23094. Point out the incorrect statement -

23095. The halfway point between the lower class limits and upper class limits is classified as

23096. The costs of training materials, paid orientation time, supervisor salaries and co-worker coaching salaries are classified as

23097. The movement of price or the rise or fall of prices of options is classified as

23098. Outer covering of virus made up of protein is

23099. The bonds issued by corporations and are exposed to default risk are classified as

23100. 'वनराई' हि चळवळ कोणी उभी केली ?

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