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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 444

22201. Bacterial soft rot is caused due to

22202. Recently used application file list appears in the Windows operating system

22203. A 7 year old girl is brought with complaints of generalized swelling of the body.Urinary examination reveals Grade 3 proteinuria and the presence of hyaline and fatty casts.She has no history of Hematuria.Which of the following statements about her condition is true

22204. Who amongst the following was recently awarded the prestigious “Order of Merit of the Italian Republic” ?

22205. The protoplasm of a child is exactly the same as that of its

22206. Centre of buoyancy always

22207. MCQ The American scientist Robert Woodrow Wilson was known for the

22208. For non-inverting amplifier the input and output is

22209. Which of the following carbohydrate is effective in promoting the calcium absorption?

22210. ஸ்கர்வி எனப்படும் நோயைக் கட்டுப்படுத்த உணவில் சேர்த்துக் கொள்ள வேண்டியது?

22211. For what did Glenn Theodore Seaborg win Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

22212. தேக்கு மரமும், சந்தன மரமும் எவ்வகை காடுகளில் அதிகம் காணப்படுகிறது?

22213. If Biuret solution is added to egg white, the resulting color will be

22214. Drug of choice for the treatment of negative symptoms of schizophrenia is

22215. आगरा में एक चित्रणशाला की स्थापना किसने करवाया था ?

22216. The test and set lock solution may suffer from

22217. हिमाचल प्रदेश भारत के किस क्षेत्र मे स्थित है ?

22218. A higher Ks value of Monod\'s equation means

22219. कैथेराइन एसाव का जन्म कब हुआ ?

22220. Renal artery construction is associated with -

22221. मुजफ्फरपुर किस नदी के तट पर बसा हुआ है ?

22222. उर्दू का प्रथम नाटक इन्द्रसभा कब और किसके द्वारा लिखा गया ?

22223. Sucrose is not found in

22224. समुद्री कछुआ अपने अंडे कहॉ देता है ?

22225. கீழ்கண்டவற்றுள் எது காந்தத்தை ஈர்க்கப்படுவது?

22226. ओरोस बुद्रुक ' हे कोणत्या जिल्ह्याचे मुख्य ठिकाण आहे ?

22227. When uploading a file if the UPLOAD_ERR-OK contains value 0 it means

22228. Which of the following gene have been introduced into the transgenic fish?

22229. ஐக்கிய நாடுகள் சபை தோற்றுவிக்கப்பட்ட ஆண்டு?

22230. After the decimal point the number is less than 5 which is to be neglected then the retained number

22231. The record which is based on business customers past purchases, sales price and volumes is classified as

22232. Your server has Red Hat 7.x installed. Your NIC has been detected but you have not configured networking. To allot it an IP address, you have to edit the following file:

22233. This type of pipe is commonly used for water or gas service, and also as soil pipe:

22234. Most common organism in sickle cell anemia causing osteomyelitis is

22235. Which one of the following was the last Buddhist text produced in India?

22236. How many diodes conduct in the full-wave bridge rectifier while the capacitor is being charged?

22237. The vector's x-components are represented by the formula of

22238. Ahilyabai was the queen of

22239. Bad prognostic factor for schizophrenia is -

22240. संकीण॔ स्पेक्ट्रम प्रतिजीवाणु का उदाहरण कौन -सा है ?

22241. कॉइन्स ऑफ़ मारवाड़' किसकी कृति है?

22242. H2SO4 is the formula of

22243. Various techniques are available for determining the effective diffusivity of solute in gel. Thin disk method uses

22244. Which transistor element is used in CMOS logic?

22245. A `Target Group' in Marketing means -.

22246. The diagram prepared by Stende geers method is used to represent-

22247. At which of the following period(s) is the counter advanced (incremented) in dual-slope conversion?

22248. राज्य के किस जिले में सबसे कम लिंगानुपात पाया जाता हैं ?

22249. William McKinley was shot on 6 September 1901. When did he die?

22250. In its review of Monetary Policy 2010-11 made on November 2, 2010, RBI did not altered-

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