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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 428

21401. A eukaryotic cell that can carry out only fermentation instead of the complete aerobic respiration of glucose

21402. This is a conical-shaped recess around a hole, often used to receive a tapered screw head:

21403. Joint meetings can be held by two or more Zonal Councils. These meetings are presided oer by?

21404. Once applied which of the following CANNOT inspect the applied attribute?

21405. Sexual active males comes with complaints of recurrent ulcers over the glans which heals with hyperpigmentation probable diagnosis is -

21406. The types of managed care includes

21407. राज्य में सड़को की कुल लम्बाई कितनी हैं ?

21408. Which of following function return 1 when output is successful?

21409. निम्नांकित देशो में कौन सार्क का सदस्य नही है ?

21410. किस काल में झारखण्ड राज्य को कुकरा के नाम से जाना जाता हैं ?

21411. A और B भाई है | E पुत्री है F की | F पत्नी है F की | E का A से क्या संबंध है ?

21412. Most common malignancy of bone is ?

21413. Which of the following is the correct order of pathway for a sperm

21414. When mapping a multivalued attribute into a relation which of the following is true?

21415. All are true regarding antiarrhythmic,except:

21416. भारतीय स्वातंत्र्य चळवळीसंदभ्रात चुकीचे विधान कोणते ?

21417. The selection of the front view in executing a multiview drawing of an object is dependent upon the following factors:

21418. Nerve supply of the tympanic membrane is by the

21419. Which of the following are not regular ?

21420. The internal circuitry of the 555 timer consists of ________, an R-S flip-flop, a transistor switch, an output buffer amplifier, and a voltage divider.

21421. After RTA a young male present with non pulsatile retroperitoneal hematoma.On table IVU was done.Right kidney not visualized.Left kidney showed immediate excretion of dye.What is the next step in management -

21422. It is desired to concentrate a 20% salt solution ( kg of salt in 100 kg of solution) to a 30% salt solution in an evaporator. Consider a feed of 300 kg/min at 30°C. The boiling point of the solution is 110°C, the latent heat of vaporisation

21423. z-transform converts convolution of time-signals to

21424. The river course following the real and basic slope is termed -

21425. Animals belonging to different classes of Vertebrates have developed similar adaptational features to a particular type of habitat. This phenomenon is called

21426. The most stabilizing force for nucleic acids is

21427. धुम्रविरहित तंबाखूवर कायद्याने बंदी घालणारे पहिले राज्य कोणते?

21428. MCQ The Danish scientist Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize for his understanding of atomic structure and quantum numbers in

21429. The voltage gain of a basic instrumentation amplifier is set by a(n)

21430. Meconium Ileus is associated with:

21431. Who commanded British ground forces at Bladensburg?

21432. HIV transmission is maximum during ?

21433. In SO3 absorber (Contact Process), packing material used is of

21434. Vasanti,28 yrs old,presents with complaints of tightness of fingers.There is also history of dysphagia.Which of the following is the probable diagnosis:

21435. हाल ही में,दिल्ली विधानसभा चुनाव 2015 में आम आदमी पार्टी को मिले वोटों का रिकार्ड प्रतिशत क्या है ?

21436. Force that keeps the positive and negative charges together is known as

21437. Which of the following is generally not referred to the sewerage system?

21438. Andrew Johnson was impeached. By how many votes was he acquitted?

21439. போர்டோ கலவை என்பது?

21440. Which of the following is a cause of alpha thalasemia?

21441. इनमे से किस संस्थान को पवित्र तुलसी (तुलसी) के जीनोम अनुक्रमण के साथ शामिल किया गया है ?

21442. विजेचा दाब _______________________ या उपकरणाचा वापर केला जातो.

21443. All of the following statement about cogenital rubella are true except -

21444. What are the fermentation conditions for the ethanol production?

21445. An advanced version of the indigenously developed Pinaka Mark-II was successfully test fired recently. Pinaka is a/an

21446. Talus receives a rich blood supply from the following arteries except -

21447. Gabriela Isler has been crowned Miss Universe 2013. She is from

21448. A 32 yrs pt presents with complete rectal prolapse,Which of the following procedure is associated with lowest risk of reccurrence:

21449. 2012 च्या भारतीय प्रजासत्ताक दिनाच्या मुख्य सोहळ्याच्या विशेष अतिथी श्रीमती यिंगलक शिनवात्रा ह्या कोणत्या देशाच्या पंतप्रधान आहेत ?

21450. ભારતીય એવીડન્સ એકટમાં મરણોન્મુખ નિવેદન કયારે સ્વીકાર્ય ગણાતુ નથી.

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