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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 410

20501. Multiplicity is the same as what concept for an ERD?

20502. रॉयल विकेंद्रीकरण आयोगाचे अध्यक्ष कोण होते?

20503. वर्ष 2011 की जनगणना के अनुसार राज्य में कस्बों की संख्या है ?

20504. Which tax made Margaret Thatcher unpopular?

20505. ज्योतिबा फुलेंनी प्राथमिक शिक्षणाचे दृष्टीकोन. ..........समोर मांडले होते.

20506. महात्मा फुले यांनी सत्शोधक समाजाची स्थापना केंव्हा केली ?

20507. When was Melvin Schwartz born?

20508. For the same Kinetic energy, the momentum shall be maximum for -

20509. Where was Arthur Wellesley born?

20510. The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ________ menu.

20511. Why is a binary-weighted DAC usually limited to 4-bit binary conversion?

20512. Who among the following is associated with the theory of Laissez-faire?

20513. Animals cannot convert fatty acids into glucose because

20514. அலெக்சாண்டரது படையெடுப்பின் முக்கய விளைவு?

20515. Electrical voltage or E.M.F (Electro Motive Force) is a physical property of

20516. The inventor who invented the first liquid fueled rocketry and is known as "father of modern rocketry" is

20517. D-Alanine and L-Alanine are technically known as

20518. As per the guidelines issued by the RBI, banks are preparing for a service which will allow customers to withdraw upto Rs. 1,000 using their debit cards from notified shops/stores all over the country. All such shops/stores will have ‘POS’ terminals for the same. What is full form of the ‘POS’ ?

20519. A National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation was set up by the government to help specifically the

20520. What was Rutherford Hayes’ profession?

20521. Polyhydramnios not associated with -

20522. To make the promised payments, the federal money can

20523. संविधान म्हणजे काय.

20524. छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य में उर्वरक उद्योग किन जिलों में हैं ?

20525. A great tank, now called the Great Bath, was found in

20526. எலும்பு சாம்பலின் வேதியியல் பெயர் என்ன?

20527. पाणिनि काल का कौन-सा गणराज्य वर्तमान महासू, शिमला और नालागढ़ के राज्यों का संघ-शासित क्षेत्र था ?

20528. વિલાસે પણ સફેદ વસ્ત્ર પહેર્યુ હતું આ વાકયનો નિપાત દર્શાવો.

20529. Chemisorption (chemical adsorption) is

20530. Verapamil is contraindicated in all, except -

20531. किस में अनेक कम्प्यूटरों का समावेश है जो संसाधन और शेयर करने हेतु एकत्रित जोड़े जाते हैं |

20532. मेढ़क पानी में किसके जरीए साँँस लेते है ?

20533. Halcyon days

20534. Which statement is true about flavouring materials spices, garlic etc. added to Dill pickles?

20535. Mixing of light fine powder such as insecticides is done by

20536. भारत सरकार कायदा -१९३५ नुसार;संस्थानांना भारतीय संघराज्यात सामावून घेण्यामागे ब्रिटीशांचा हेतू काय होता

20537. Which of the following sector show the negative growth in the advance estimates of CSO year 2011-12?

20538. If the proton number is 19, the electron configuration will be

20539. Which of the following biotypes of Vibrio cholerae are prevalent in India?

20540. The string (a) | ((b) * (c)) is equivalent to

20541. The third kingdom, protista, as suggested by E.H. Haeckel includes

20542. Supply creates its own demand' means -

20543. कुषाण सम्राट कनिष्क के सिक्के झारखण्ड के किस जिले से प्राप्त हुआ है ?

20544. Which of the following is not true about Mebendazole -

20545. Application of Incubation period is all except -

20546. छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य में चावल की मिले कितनी है ?

20547. बहुस्तरीय वाढ हे _____________ह्या वनस्पतीचे (जंगलांचे ) वैशिष्ट्य आहे.

20548. Zero order kinetics at a higher dose is seen with

20549. The example of rework is

20550. Which of the following antibiotics can\'t be used for treatment of infections with β-lactamase-producing Staphylococcus aureus?

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