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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4044

202201. Which laboratory did George Herbert Hitchings join in 1942?

202202. Which is the most famous book written by Lew Wallace?

202203. Which is the starting point of Boston Marathon?

202204. Which is the state flower of Kentucky?

202205. Which is the state flower of Montana?

202206. Which is true of Kaiser Wilhelm II?

202207. Which is Utah’s state bird?

202208. Which is Utah’s state flower?

202209. Which is Utah’s state tree?

202210. Which is West Virginia’s state bird?

202211. Which is West Virginia’s state flower?

202212. Which is Wisconsin’s state bird?

202213. Which is Wisconsin’s state flower?

202214. Which is Wisconsin’s state tree?

202215. Which journal did Samuel Phillips Huntington found?

202216. Which is the largest natural lake in Montana?

202217. Which Kennedy initiative hoped to thwart Communist insurgents in Latin America by reducing income inequality in the region?

202218. Which magazine did Washington Irving edit in 1812?

202219. Which lake is to the east of Wisconsin?

202220. Which magazine published excerpts of Answered Prayers?

202221. Which lake is to the north of Ohio?

202222. Which magazine published Henry David Thoreau’s poem Sympathy?

202223. Which law did Congress pass to try to outlaw racial discrimination in all public places?

202224. Which magazine published Truman Capote’s short story Miriam?

202225. Which law firm did Chester Alan Arthur join?

202226. Which methods did the NAACP primarily employ in order to achieve civil rights goals?

202227. Which line separates Kentucky from Tennessee?

202228. Which line separates Maryland from Pennsylvania?

202229. Which literary luminary was a member of the Anti-Imperialist League?

202230. Which Louisa May Alcott novel was published in 1877?

202231. Which Lydia Maria Child book was published in 1878?

202232. Which magazine bought Robert Ripley’s first cartoon?

202233. Which magazine did Henry Louis Mencken and George Jean Nathan found?

202234. Which magazine did Henry Louis Mencken co-edit in 1914-1923?

202235. Which magazine did Lydia Maria Child found and publish?

202236. Which magazine did Norman Cousins edit in 1942-1972?

202237. Which magazine did Thomas Paine help to edit?

202238. Which Norman Mailer novel was on CIA?

202239. Which novel of Ira Levin was made into a film starring Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and Tom Berenger?

202240. Which newspaper did Benjamin Franklin publish?

202241. Which newspaper first published “Believe It or Not!”?

202242. Which newspaper in Virginia City was edited by Mark Twain?

202243. Which novel was based on Norman Mailer’s participation in peace demonstrations of 1967?

202244. Which novel won Margaret Mitchell Pulitzer Prize in 1937?

202245. Which ocean is to the east of Massachusetts?

202246. Which Michael Crichton novel is about sexual harassment of a man by a woman?

202247. Which ocean is to the east of New Jersey?

202248. Which Michael Crichton novel was published in 1990?

202249. Which ocean is to the east of North Carolina?

202250. Which movement did Joseph Smith found?

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