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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 399

19951. When a 6 V battery is connected across the primary of a transformer with a turns ratio of 8, the secondary voltage is

19952. Stature is measured by the following:

19953. Chloroquine given in 600 mg as loading dose for:

19954. అక్బరు ఆస్తానం లో ప్రసిద్ద గాయకుడు ఎవరు ?

19955. In electron transport, electrons ultimately pass to

19956. केंद्रीय विधायिका द्वारा कैंटोनमेंट एक्ट कब पारित किया गया था ?

19957. The name of nucleic acids reflected the feature that they are isolated from their

19958. +7 is the oxidation number of which of these elements?

19959. Which of the following is a thermodynamic property of a system ?

19960. The chief source of nitrogen for green plants is

19961. -, on December 5, 2009, announced to establish a natural fibres bank to conserve and promote planting material for commercial exploitation.

19962. The reproduction by budding occur in

19963. Zeigler process

19964. The film co-efficient is decreased due to the presence of non-condensing gases in the vapors. The film co-efficient of superheated vapor as compared to that of saturated vapor is

19965. भारताने 1 ऑगस्ट 2013 रोजी कोणत्या उपग्रहाचे यशस्वी प्रक्षेपण केले?

19966. Bactericidal concentration of phenol is

19967. By which ship did Charles Lindbergh and his aeroplane return to USA after his historic solo New York – Paris flight?

19968. The velocity profile for turbulent flow through a closed conduit is

19969. If the hydrogen of an acid is partially replaced by a metal, it forms

19970. Majority of finger prints in Indians are:

19971. For the set of values, the percentage of values that lies within population mean plus four standard deviations of population is

19972. Kinetic friction is always

19973. When a custom tab stop is set, Word____.

19974. மானஸ் வன சரணாலயம் எங்குள்ளது?

19975. साइटोपंजर तन्तु के कार्य क्या हैै ?

19976. Streptolysin O is

19977. राज्यातील ________ लाख हेक्टर जमीन लागवडीखाली आहे तर ________ लाख हेक्टर जमीन वनाखाली आहे.

19978. The _________________ of an internal feature is the upper limit.

19979. Signal sequences are part of a protein that

19980. Which book did Niccolo Machiavelli dedicate to Giulio de’ Medici?

19981. Rakesh, a 7 yrs old boy had itch, excoriated papules on the forehead and the exposed parts of the arm and legs for the 3 years. The disease was most severe in the rainy season and improved completely in winter. Most likely diagnosis is -

19982. Who among the following was associated with Velevt Revolution?

19983. What is the magnetomotive force (mmf) of a wire with 8 turns carrying three amperes of current?

19984. हाल ही में इनमे से किस देश ने संरक्षण के प्रयासों के लिये यूनेस्को पुरस्कार "अवार्ड ऑफ़ एक्सीलेंस" 2015 जीता है ?

19985. Which Herman Melville novel was published in 1855?

19986. The greater the propagation delay, the ________.

19987. The President can make laws through ordinances?

19988. Following surgical removal of a firm nodular swelling in the right breast and exploration of the right axilla, on examination the patient was found to have a winged right scapula.Most likely this could have occurred due to injury to the -

19989. Atomic __________ of an element is a whole number.

19990. गावातील कोतवालांची संख्या कशावरून ठरते ?

19991. 2In which war did the British use concentration camps?

19992. True about congenital diseases in diabetes mellitus is all except

19993. इनमें से एक सरकार का अंग नहीं है ?

19994. हर्ष किसी कार्य को 15 दिन में समाप्त कर सकता है तथा राम की कार्य क्षमता हर्ष से 25% अधिक है, राम अकेला इससे आधे कार्य को कितने दिन में समाप्त करेगा ?

19995. In eukaryotes, there are three different RNA polymerases. The RNA polymerase responsible for transcription of mRNA is

19996. सरकार रिझर्व्ह बँकेच्या संचालक मंडळावर शेती ,उद्योग ,व्यापार ,व्यवसाय अशा विविध क्षेत्रातील ..........तज्ज्ञाची नियुक्ती करते.

19997. Farmers were represented by all of the following except

19998. Exponential phase of growth curve of bacteria is of limited duration because of

19999. Make up water is supplied during cooling tower operation to compensate for water losses due to

20000. Covalent compounds are

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