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19001. When the length of a pendulum in a clock is increased, then

19002. Which of the following act through tyrosine kinase receptor -

19003. A boy presents with injury to medial epicondyle of the humerus.Which of the following is not seen -

19004. केंद्र - राज्य संबंधाचे परीक्षण करण्यासाठी 1983 साली कोणता आयोग नेमण्यात आला ?

19005. Which of the following is not a type of computer software which can be thought?

19006. Stormy clot reaction is useful in identification of

19007. घटनेच्या 19 (1) अ व्या कलमामध्ये मान्य केलेल्या नागरिकांच्या अधिकारावर खालील कारणांमूळे वाजवी बंधने येऊ शेकतात. 1) देशाचे सार्वभौमत्व 2) देशाची एकता 3) प्रांताची सुरक्षितता 4) सर्वसाधारण जनतेच्या हितासाठी. योग्य पर्याय निवडा

19008. Conversion of copper hydroxide into copper oxide and water is an example of

19009. रोहतक में जन्मे बनारसी दास की प्रसिध्द रचना कौन-सी है ?

19010. Pollination is the process by which plants transfer male sex cells from one plant to another. How does the nucleus of the male cell reach the female cell?

19011. Linear phase shift is equivalent to

19012. In the Global Information Technology Repoqrt 2009-2010 published by the World Economic Forum, India stood at

19013. Electronic configuration is evident by the successive

19014. स्टेट बँक ऑफ इंडियाची स्थापना केव्हा झाली ?

19015. What is the subnetwork address for a host with the IP address

19016. अशोक मेहता समितीच्या स्थापनेचा उद्देश खालीलपैकी कोणता होता? अ] पंचायत राजमध्ये ग्रामीण जनतेचा सहभाग वाढविणे. ब] पंचायत राजचे मूल्यमापन करणे. क] पंचायत राज व्यवस्थेचे मूल्यमापन करणे.

19017. सावरकर बंधूंनी सन 1904 मध्ये नाशिक येथे कोणत्या क्रांतिकारी संघटनेची स्थापना केली ?

19018. भारत के वर्तमान उपराष्ट्रपति कौन हैं ?

19019. If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55, 60, then the average marks of all the students is

19020. घटक राज्यांना वित्तीय वाटणी .........या शिफारसीनुसार केली जाते .

19021. Surface area is greater in

19022. The largest fresh water lake, 'Lake Superior' is located in -

19023. Flapper nozzle is used in a/an __________ controller.

19024. The number of subsets of a set of 4 elements

19025. Who was crowned Miss World 2013?

19026. Malate-asparatate shuttle operates in

19027. सिल्व्हर ज्युबिली रुरल ट्रेनिंग कॉलेज ची स्थापना कोणी केली होती

19028. By which amendment, the power to amend the Constitution was specificialy conferned upon the Parliament ?

19029. Lung to lung metastasis is seen in -

19030. This type of rapid prototyping system uses a laser to fuse powdered metals, plastics, or ceramics:

19031. Which of the following was one shortcoming of the Homestead Act?

19032. भांडवल बाजारासंबंधी योग्य विधाने ओळखा. अ] भांडवल बाजारात मध्यमकालीन तसेच दीर्घकालीन कर्जाच्या देवाण-घेवाणीचे व्यवहार चालतात. ब] या बाजारात उद्योजक व्यावसायिक या बाजारात शेअर्स, बॉन्डस वगैरे विकून भांडवलाची उभारणी करतात. क] भांडवल बाजार हा फक्त शुक्रवारी जिल्ह्याच्या ठिकाणी भरतो.

19033. An ac circuit consists of a resistor and a capacitor. To increase the phase angle above 45°, the following condition must exist:

19034. Refractory bricks with lower permeability is produced by using

19035. उत्तर प्रदेश में कौनसी मिट्टी सर्वाधिक पाई जाती है ?

19036. For which team did Yogi Berra play baseball for most of his career?

19037. महाराष्ट्राचा . . . .% भाग दख्खनच्या पठाराने व्यापलेला आहे.

19038. If the company is defining authority & communication channels for employees, it is performing

19039. Most important feature of Guillian-Barre syndrome is

19040. Energy is released when the ions are brought closer to each other having

19041. मध्यप्रदेश राज्य में कितने जिले हैं ?

19042. What were the Committees of Correspondence?

19043. Which state is to the north of Nebraska?

19044. खालीलपैकी कोणत्या राज्या/राज्यांसाठी केंद्राचा माहिती अधिकार कायदा लागू नाही?

19045. Which of the following is correct decreasing order of population in Maharashtra?

19046. Radiological investigation of female of reproductive age group is restricted to -

19047. Which of the following semiconductor materials is (are) used for manufacturing solar cells?

19048. Which Novel written by Ian Fleming was mentioned by John Kennedy in 1960 as his 9th favourite in a list of 10?

19049. Larmor frequency depends upon the

19050. Which of the following is not an alloy of copper and tin ?

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