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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3608

180401. Ion which carries two charges, positive and negative is called

180402. Ion which is more effective nucleophile than water is

180403. Ionic and covalent bonds requires a lot of energy to break them because they are very

180404. Ionic bonding is very strong hence it needs a

180405. Ionic Chlorides of which of these do not react with water

180406. Kelvin was the name of a

180407. Kepler’s 3rd law states that:

180408. Ions which are greater than their original atoms are

180409. Iron has the specific heat capacity of

180410. Isolated atoms are found in

180411. It becomes easier to loose electrons

180412. John Lister in 19th century used phenol as

180413. K2O + H2O ?

180414. Ka is called

180415. Ketones are formed by the oxidation of

180416. Ketones react with reducing agent to make

180417. Kilograms is the unit of

180418. Lattice energy becomes more exothermic if the size on ion is

180419. Kilojoules per mole is the unit of

180420. Lattice energy is inversely proportional to sum of radii of

180421. Kinetic friction is always

180422. Kirchhoff’s 2nd law deals with

180423. Kirchhoff’s 2nd law is consequence of law of conservation of

180424. Knocking a nail into a wooden block with a hammer involves conversion between different forms of energy, which one of the following choices present this conversion in correct order.

180425. KOH, NaOH and CuSO4 solutions are

180426. Ksp is called as

180427. lf is the symbol for

180428. Lv is the symbol for

180429. Lightning during thunderstorm provides energy for reaction of

180430. Liquid A and liquid B exert same amount of pressure on each other, but the density of A is twice the density of B. The height of liquid B is 10cm, then the height of liquid A would be

180431. Liquid-in-glass thermometer has

180432. Law relating to concentrations of substances present at equilibrium and to stoichiometric equation is known as

180433. Layers of rock beneath the surface of earth is present

180434. Lepton among them are

180435. Ligands which can form two co-ordinate bonds from each ion or molecule to the transition metal ion are called as

180436. Light interacts with matter as

180437. Lithium has electrons

180438. Litmus is used to test either the substance is acid or

180439. Lone pair of electron to attack carbonyl carbon atom in Acyl chlorides is provided by

180440. Lone pair of electrons as compare to bond pair of electron creates electron charge cloud which is

180441. Lone pair of electrons in ammonia are

180442. Lone pair of electrons in water are

180443. Lone pairs in CO2 are

180444. Lone pairs in Sulphur hexafluoride are

180445. Long chains or ring structures are formed by atoms of

180446. Longer chains of amino acids forming polymers bonded via amide link is called

180447. Loss of electrons is found in

180448. Liquids are

180449. Liquids have

180450. Lithium Fluoride’s lattice energy compared to Magnesium oxide is

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