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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3585

179251. Quantum effects are important only when observing

179252. This whole world is composed of small particles that are made up of

179253. Radiation with energy that is easily detected as quanta

179254. Uncertainty of the measurement can be occurred due to the

179255. Rest mass energy of electron is

179256. When length is 4.3m, breadth is 5.4m and thickness is 3.5 cm then volume of the sheet would be

179257. The behavior of matter on atomic level cannot be explained with

179258. If the 2nd condition of equilibrium is satisfied then the body will be in

179259. The mass of 70 kg man moving in car at 66kmh is

179260. If the body is in rest or in uniform velocity it is said to be in

179261. The max K.E of photo electrons depend upon light’s

179262. If the counter clockwise is taken as positive then anti clockwise will be taken as

179263. The phenomena that can not be understood with the frame work of classical physics is

179264. The statement saying that energy is radiated or absorbed in discrete packets is given by

179265. When K.Emax of photoelectrons is zero then the frequency of incident photon relative to threshold frequency is

179266. A body at rest or moving with uniform velocity will have acceleration

179267. A vector having magnitude one is called

179268. A vector whose magnitude is zero has a

179269. A vector whose magnitude is zero is called a

179270. According to the system international the unit of torque is

179271. Adding the masses 3.25, 1.25, 6.2 in kilogram the result upto appropriate precision will produce

179272. Addition of the same vector with its reversed direction is called

179273. Decomposing the vectors into mutually perpendicular components are called

179274. If a vector gets multiplied by a positive number then its direction

179275. The cross product of the two vectors is represented by

179276. The cross product of two same vectors is equal to

179277. If the first condition of equilibrium is satisfied then the body will be in

179278. The direction of the resultant of the two vectors is given by

179279. If the value of moment arm is zero then the torque produce will be

179280. The direction of the vector is given by the angle formula of

179281. If two vectors have same magnitude and are parallel to each other then they are said to be

179282. The distance from the point around which the body rotates and the point at the end is called

179283. In a plane the direction of vectors is denoted by the

179284. The dot product of A.B with angle 0 would produce results equal to

179285. In the direction of Y-axis the projection of vector A is represented by the angle

179286. In the given equation X + Y = X -Y the negative vector of the Y is

179287. Physical quantities having both magnitude and directions are called

179288. Physical quantities having magnitude are called

179289. Physical quantity that has magnitude and direction as well is known as

179290. Position vector is the vector that defines the vectors’

179291. Position vector that defines the positon of the vector in three dimensions having formula of

179292. The position vector of the point A(3,4,5) is

179293. The process of vector addition by rectangular components consists of

179294. The product of the velocity and the mass is called

179295. The projection of vector A in the direction of x-axis is represented by the angle of

179296. The resultant magnitude of the two vectors is given by the formula

179297. The scalar product is represented by

179298. The scalar product of A.B with angle 180° would produce results equal to

179299. The scalar product of the two vectors is also known as

179300. The sum of all the forces acting on a body is zero this condition represents equilibrium’s

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