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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3536

176801. The soluble plasma protein is

176802. The specificity destruction of antigen is done by

176803. The phenomenon of root pressure in which water droplets exudes from hydathodes is termed as

176804. The stomatal responses are signaled by the guard cells as they can sense

176805. The platelets are large cells which are in the form of fragments are called as

176806. The strength is given to cell wall of xylem cells by

176807. The positive hydrostatic pressure which is generated by roots is around

176808. The substance which inhibits blood clotting is

176809. The process of flow of sap from the injured or cut parts of plant with a considerable force is called

176810. The proteins which are synthesized by blood to protect body from nuclein acids and toxins of invading organism

176811. The rate of transpiration is increased with the increase in

176812. The regulation of potassium is achieved in plants due to opening and closing of

176813. The relaxed period of heart chambers is known as

176814. The response of passive immunity is

176815. The rhythmic contraction of heart is controlled by

176816. The water is evaporated from the plant through

176817. The water potential of a pure water is equal to

176818. The water transpiration is done 90% by the process of

176819. The water which enters the xylem cells increase cell’s

176820. Under normal circumstances a patient’s immune system can overcome bacterial or viral attack but in AIDS victim is

176821. Veins collects blood from body and send it to

176822. Water molecules move rapidly hence possess

176823. The successive cells in pericardial muscles are separated with the help of junctions called as

176824. Water potential is maximum achieved when the cell is placed in

176825. The system of adjacent cell walls present throughout the plant roots is

176826. When a person becomes ill due to infection and survives then this activity is called

176827. The systemic arch disappears in

176828. When blood starts mixing between two atria and that blood reaches the new born baby it

176829. The transpiration is very essential for plants as it

176830. When capillaries join together, they form

176831. The transport and returning of material from the tissues to blood is responsibility of

176832. The transport of deoxygenated blood from right ventricle to lungs is done by

176833. The vein which collects blood from liver is known as

176834. Adenovirus is responsible for the disease

176835. AIDS was first reported for the first time in early 1980s in group of young

176836. Bacteriophages are of two structural forms either cubical symmetry or

176837. Euglena and Amoeba belongs to kingdom

176838. Numerous micro-organisms which may be infectious proteins are the

176839. A complete, mature and infectious particle of virus is called as

176840. Polio virus is found all over the world causing serious disease

176841. A disease which inflames the liver of human beings is

176842. Retroviruses can convert a single stranded RNA genome into double stranded viral DNA by special enzyme

176843. A system for naming any classifying all organisms was given by

176844. The AIDS virus penetrates in to the host’s

176845. A virus which is passed on to progeny cells after being incorporated in host genome is called

176846. For the very first time the vaccination against HIV was synthesized and was administered in humans in

176847. Hepatitis B is also known as

176848. HIV multiplies but don

176849. HIV target the major cells in human body known as

176850. The quality of storing food using simple inorganic material belongs to plants which are

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