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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3485

174251. Which of the following is not a weightless pollutant ?

174252. Which of the following is the most lethal water pollutant ?

174253. Which of the following is the most severe air pollutant ?

174254. Which of the following is the most widely used disinfectant in water treatment ?

174255. Which of the following pollutants, if present in atmosphere is detectable by its odour ?

174256. Which of the following radioactive wastes emits all %u03B1, %u03B2 & %u03B3 rays and hence is the most hazardous of all radioactive emitters?

174257. Workers working in __________ industry are most prone to white lung cancer.

174258. World’s worst radioactive pollution was caused by nuclear reactor disaster which occured in

174259. Water effluent generated in printing industry is decolourised by

174260. Chemical formula of biuret is

174261. Use of catalyst is a must in the ammonia manufacture, because the reaction is reversible as well as the heat of dissociation of N2 & H2 is high. The presence of promoter along with the catalyst helps in __________ of the catalyst.

174262. Acceleration head in a reciprocating pump

174263. Foot valves provided in pumps are __________ valves.

174264. Remote control valve is a __________ valve.

174265. A coal having high ratio of volatile matter to fixed carbon as compared to a coal having low ratio of volatile matter to fixed carbon

174266. A coal with high ash content is undesirable, as

174267. Adiabatic flame temperature of a fuel is dependent on the initial temperature of

174268. High sulphur (4-6%) coal in India are found in

174269. Which of the following accentuates clinker-ing trouble on furnace grate burning coal ?

174270. __________ furnace is not an electric furnace.

174271. Advantages of use of preheated combustion air are

174272. Air filtration in a furnace

174273. Amount of coal lost in ash particle, which is carried through the boiler system, depends upon the

174274. An electric furnace producing heat by means of an electric arc struck between each of three electrodes and the charge is called __________ furnace.

174275. An example of indirectly heated furnace is the

174276. An example of recuperative furnace is the

174277. Artificial draught produced by a fan in the furnace can be controlled by the

174278. Furnace pressure is normally controlled by regulating the

174279. Hearth furnaces are not used for

174280. Heat balance of furnace provides means of determining the

174281. Heat transfer rate to the charge/stock in a furnace does not depend upon the

174282. Heat transfer takes place through a liquid medium surrounding the submerged material under heating, in case of a/an

174283. If fuel and air are mixed ahead of the burner, it is called a/an __________ burner.

174284. If the flame is produced under the hearth and then sweeps up into the heating chamber, this is called a/an __________ furnace.

174285. Circulation of gases in furnace is caused by the

174286. In a furnace operation, which is not preheated ?

174287. Combustion of fuel in a furnace with oxygen enriched air results in higher

174288. In a heating process, a heat flow diagram in which the quantities of heat in the various items of a heat balance are represented by the width of a band is called the

174289. Combustion of furnace oil in a furnace (soaking pit) with preheated combustion air at 400°C results in saving of about __________ percent furnace oil as compared to its combustion with atmospheric air, if the flue gas outlet temperature from the

174290. In case of pulverised coal fired steam boiler, the secondary air serves the main purpose of

174291. Dampers are located

174292. In furnaces operating at very high temperature (say) 1250°C, e.g. soaking pit), the maximum heat transfer takes place by

174293. Design of waste heat boiler for recovery of waste heat from furnace gases depends upon the

174294. Flue gas outlet temperature from the chimney of any furnace should be ideally about __________ °C.

174295. In practical operation of any furnace, zero oxygen percentage or theoretical CO2 percentage in flue gas is rarely achieved, because of

174296. Regenerators are normally provided in the

174297. In salt bath furnace, heat is transferred to the charge mainly by

174298. Regenerators are used for waste heat recovery in

174299. In which of the waste heat recovery equipment, the flow of flue gas and air is alternately reversed after a fixed interval of time ?

174300. Ingress of cold air in the furnaces through cracks, charging doors, openings etc.

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