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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3379

168951. In OLE DB, a tabular data provider:

168952. In php Which method is used to getting browser properties?

168953. In OLE DB, actions that an object can perform are called:

168954. In OLE DB, which of the following represents characteristics of the recordset abstraction?

168955. In one iron-metalloflavoprotein, the iron is present as a

168956. In RF amplifier with optimum coupling, what method provides the widest bandpass?

168957. In PHP, which of the following function is used to insert content of one php file into another php file before server executes it

168958. In PHP, during error handling include() generates

168959. In practice, the efficiency of a capacitively coupled class A amplifier is about ________%.

168960. In prokaryotes, just before the cell divides, the two daughter genomes are attached side by side to the

168961. In protein synthesis in prokaryotes

168962. In SQL Server 2000, which of the following makes a copy of the changes that have been made to the database since the last complete backup?

168963. In storage atmospheres of high humidity variety of molds may cause

168964. In submerged process for the fermentation to produce citric acid,

168965. In SCR, the turn ON time

168966. In the ________-frequency region, the capacitive elements of importance are the interelectrode (between terminals) capacitances internal to the active device and the wiring capacitance between the leads of the network.

168967. In the differential amplifier circuit, which of the following terminals are connected together?

168968. In the digital clock project, the purpose of the frequency prescaler is to:

168969. In the digital clock project, when does the PM indicator go high?

168970. In the equation, A = ? bc, what quantity is represented by "?"?

168971. In the exponential phase, the cells and cell mass

168972. In the cell cycle replication of the genome occurs in the

168973. In the human disease cholera, what is it that actually ends up killing the victim?

168974. In the input RC circuit of a single-stage BJT, by how much does the base voltage lead the input voltage at the cutoff frequency in the low-frequency region?

168975. In the input RC circuit of a single-stage BJT, by how much does the base voltage lead the input voltage for frequencies much larger than the cutoff frequency in the low-frequency region?

168976. In the intersystem crossing

168977. In the keypad application, what does the data signal define?

168978. In the operation of a half-wave rectifier with a capacitor-input filter, the ripple factor can be lowered by ________ the value of the filter capacitor or ________ the load resistors.

168979. In the operation of dry cells, we normally refer to the supply of current to load resistance where its current neutralizes the separated charges at the electrodes as ________?

168980. In the passive diffusion, solute molecules cross the membrane as a result of

168981. In the glycogen synthase reaction, the precursor to glycogen is

168982. In the presence of tryptophan in the cell, the repressor is __________

168983. In the process of freeze drying, a dense cell suspension is placed in small vials and is frozen at

168984. In the three domain system of classification, the traditional bacteria are placed in the

168985. In this instance, dirty reads are disallowed, while nonrepeatable reads and phantom reads are allowed.

168986. In the pour plate method, the mixed culture is diluted directly in tubes of

168987. In which of the following collections is the Input/Output based on a key? 1.Map 2.Stack 3.BitArray 4.HashTable 5.SortedList

168988. In which of the following collections is the Input/Output index-based? 1.Stack 2.Queue 3.BitArray 4.ArrayList 5.HashTable

168989. In which of the following color(s) is (are) LEDs presently available?

168990. In what state is a silicon diode if the voltage drop across it is about 0.7 V?

168991. In which of the following are operational amplifiers (op-amps) used?

168992. In which of the following, lipo-polysaccharide is a major constituent of outer membrane of the cellwall?

168993. In which phase, each chromosome replicates to produce two sister chromatids?

168994. In which region is the operating point stable in tunnel diodes?

168995. In which of the following is a single-entity instance of one type related to many entity instances of another type?

168996. In which of the following is the light intensity measured?

168997. In which of the following operations is the resulting output signal of the differential amplifier near zero?

168998. In which of the following phase preparations for genome separation are made?

168999. In which of the following should the methods of a class differ if they are to be treated as overloaded methods? 1.Type of arguments 2.Return type of methods 3.Number of arguments 4.Names of methods 5.Order of arguments

169000. In which of the following is a single-entity instance of one type of related to a single-entity instance of another type?

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