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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3378

168901. In a VHDL retriggerable edge-triggered one-shot, which condition will not exist when a clock edge occurs?

168902. In a(n) ________, when the input voltage exceeds a specified reference voltage, the output changes state.

168903. In active filter, what type of filter passes a range of frequency and a certain higher frequency?

168904. In aerobic respiration, the terminal electron acceptor is

168905. In an n-type semiconductor, as temperature T increases, the Fermi level EF

168906. In an oblique sketch of a cube:

168907. In an HDL application of a stepper motor, after an up/down counter is built what is done next?

168908. In an HDL ring counter, many invalid states are included in the programming by:

168909. In an inheritance chain which of the following members of base class are accessible to the derived class members? 1.static 2.protected 3.private 4.shared 5.public

168910. In any spontaneous process,

168911. In autocatalytic reactions,

168912. In C#.NET if we do not catch the exception thrown at runtime then which of the following will catch it?

168913. In an oxygenic photosynthesis, the green and the purple bacteria do not use which of the following one as an electron source?

168914. In an SCR the holding current is

168915. In an SQL SELECT statement querying a single table, according to the SQL-92 standard the asterisk (*) means that:

168916. In anaerobic respiration, the final electron acceptor can be

168917. In case of physical adsorption, the heat of adsorption is of the order of __________ kcal/kg.mole

168918. In case of physical adsorption, the heat of adsorption is of the order of __________ kcal/kg.mole.

168919. In case of Baculoviruses, the foreign gene

168920. In Cisco’s Unified Wireless Solution, what is the split-MAC architecture?

168921. In cellular metabolism, O2 is used

168922. In chilled shrimp __________ is chiefly responsible for spoilage.

168923. In eukaryotes, electron transport occurs in

168924. In eukaryotes, there are three different RNA polymerases. The RNA polymerase responsible for transcription of mRNA is

168925. In eukaryotic cells, ribosomes are

168926. In fluid flow, cavitation is caused, if the

168927. In Fluid mosaic model, the biological membrane can be viewed as

168928. In forced convection, the heat transfer depends on

168929. In E.coli, which enzyme synthesizes the RNA primer for Okazaki fragments?

168930. In electron transport, electrons ultimately pass to

168931. In enterprise data modeling, which is incorrect?

168932. In glycolysis, ATP is formed by the transfer of a high-energy phosphate from 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate to ADR No such high-energy phosphate donor has ever been isolated in mitochondria because

168933. In human B cells and T cells are matured in the

168934. In immuno-inflammatory diseases such as hemolytic anaemia, eczema etc.,

168935. In integrated circuits, npn construction is preferred to pnp construction because

168936. In its pure state, silicon has the properties of:

168937. In gas chromatography, the basis for separation of the components of the volatile material is the difference in

168938. In ODBC, a data source that is local to a single computer is called a:

168939. In koji process for the fermentation to produce citric acid,

168940. In ODBC, a file that can be shared among database users is called a:

168941. In lactic acid fermentation, the final electron acceptor would be

168942. In OLAP, we are interested in ________ .

168943. In liquid surface culture process for the fermentation to produce citric acid,

168944. In logarithmic signal compression,

168945. In lysogeny,

168946. In mail($param2, $param2, $param3, $param4), the $param2 contains:

168947. In membranes, lipids are

168948. In monoclonal antibody technology, tumor cells that can replicate endlessly are fused with mammalian cells that produce an antibody. The result of this cell fusion is a

168949. In OLE DB, a service provider:

168950. In PHP the error control operator is

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