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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3343

167151. The net positive suction head (NPSH) of a centrifugal pump is defined as the sum of the velocity head and the pressure head at the

167152. The non-dimensional temperature gradient in a liquid at the wall of a pipe is the

167153. The normal stress is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid, when the fluid is

167154. The number of degree of freedom for an azeotropic mixture of ethanol and water in vapour-liquid equilibrium, is

167155. The number of degrees of freedom for an azeotropic mixture in a two component vapour-liquid equilibria is/are

167156. The point in the immersed body through which the resultant pressure of the liquid may be taken to act is known as

167157. The position of center of pressure on a plane surface immersed vertically in a static mass of fluid is

167158. The preferred material of construction for storage tanks for 98% sulphuric acid is

167159. The pressure (kg/cm2 ) and temperature (°C) maintained in electrical desalters for crude oil are respectively

167160. The pressure at a point in a fluid is not the same in all directions, when the fluid is viscous and

167161. The number of kg vaporised per kg of steam fed to the evaporator is defined as

167162. The Nusselt number for fully developed (both thermally and hydrodynamically) laminar flow through a circular pipe, where the wall heat flux is constant, is

167163. The process used for the manufacture of ethyl alcohol from molasses is

167164. The proper arrangement of the petroleum fractions in order of their boiling points is

167165. The pump impeller and the turbine runner in a hydraulic torque converter

167166. The purpose of providing a ‘catchall’ in the vapor line of an evaporator is to

167167. The purpose of tanning in leather industry is to

167168. The pyragallol solution used in orsat apparatus can absorb

167169. The range of electromagnetic spectrum important in heat transfer by radiation is __________ microns.

167170. The range of Mho’s scale of hardness is from

167171. The principle applied in liquefaction of gases is

167172. The process involved in converting rubber into a thin sheet or coating it on fabric is called

167173. The rate at which a chemical substance reacts is proportional to its

167174. The rate constant of a chemical reaction decreases by decreasing the

167175. The rate constant of a chemical reaction increases by 100 times when the temperature is increased from 400 °K to 500 °K. Assuming transition state theory is valid, the value of E/R is

167176. The rate of material __________ is zero in case of a steady state system.

167177. The rate of the chemical reaction A –> B doubles as the concentration of A i.e.., CA is doubled. If rate of reaction is proportional to CAn, then what is the value of n for this reaction ?

167178. The rate of the reaction, X–>Y, quadruples when the concentration of ‘X’ is doubled. The rate expression for the reaction is, r = K Cxn, the value of ‘n’ in this case will be

167179. The ratio of average fluid velocity to the maximum velocity in case of laminar flow of a Newtonion fluid in a circular pipe is

167180. The ratio of wall drag to total drag in the Stoke’s law range is

167181. The ratio of width to depth for the most economical rectangular section in open channel flow is

167182. The ratio of gross annual sales to the fixed capital investment is termed as the __________ ratio.

167183. The ratio of inertial forces to elastic forces is called the __________ number.

167184. The ratio of kinematic viscosity to thermal diffusivity is called the __________ number.

167185. The ratio of the depth of flow to the hydraulic radius for the most economical trapezoidal section, in open channel flow is

167186. The ratio of the hydraulic radius to the diameter of the channel, for maximum mean velocity of flow in a circular channel, in open channel flow is

167187. The ratio of the shear stress to the principal stress on a principal plane is

167188. The ratio of total radiating power to the absorptivity of the body depends upon the __________ as per Kirchoffs law.

167189. The reaction A–> B is conducted in an isothermal batch reactor. If the conversion of A increases linearly with holding time, then the order of the reaction is

167190. The reaction between oxygen and organic material is a/an __________ reaction.

167191. The reaction in which one of the products of reaction acts as a catalyst is called a/an __________ reaction.

167192. The reaction in which the rate equation corresponds to a stoichiometric equation, is called a/an __________ reaction.

167193. The reason why a catalyst increases the rate of reaction is that, it

167194. The resistance wire used in a hot wire anemometer for conducting electrical current is made of

167195. The response of two tanks of same size and resistance in series is

167196. The same volume of all gases is representative of their

167197. The sequence of absorption in flue gas analysis by Orsat’s apparatus is respectively

167198. The simple pitot tube measures the __________ pressure.

167199. The single parameter model proposed for describing non-ideal flow is the __________ model.

167200. The softest material just next to talc in the Mhos scale is

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