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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3310

165501. HIV belongs to the family retroviridae and sub-family

165502. In which of the following uracil is present?

165503. In Widal test the significant titres for H agglutinins is

165504. In Widal test, the significant titre for O agglutinins is generally

165505. In Yersinia pestis, capsule is best demonstrated in cultures grown at

165506. Individuals suffering from primary atypical pneumonia have agglutinins to

165507. Interanuclear inclusion bodies are found in cells infected with

165508. Interference mechanism of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin is due to their action on

165509. Intracellular structures formed during many viral infections, called __________ , which can directly disrupt cell structure.

165510. Intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies are found in cells infected with

165511. In animal cell culture, particularly mammalian cell culture, transformation means

165512. Inverted repeat sequences at each end and a gene encoding transposase is contained in which of the following transposable element?

165513. In cancer, the reversion of cells to a more primitive or less differentiated state is called

165514. Iron bacteria can produce

165515. In cell culture, measles virus may lead to

165516. It is mandatory that cultures and fermentation residues be sterilized before discard in case of Eremothecium ashbyii and Ashbya gossypii because they are

165517. In DNA sequencing, the primer

165518. In the extracellular medium, DNA-degrading enzymes would likely be to prevent transfer of DNA by

165519. In the process of nitrogen fixation, which of the following microorganism is involved?

165520. Members of all of the following genera of bacteria typically are found in a maturing Winogradsky column except

165521. Members of the genus Mycobacterium are

165522. Members of the Protozoa may motile by all of the following methods except

165523. Metabolism of dissolved organic material released by phytoplankton allows heterotrophic bacteria to become part of the particulate organic matter that is passed up the food web to be metabolized and released as mineral elements and CO2 at each transf

165524. Microbes can be removed from a liquid solution by the process of

165525. Milk is pasteurized in batch method by keeping it at

165526. Molds are considered as

165527. More promising chemotherapeutic agents for treating viral diseases is

165528. Most antibiotics are isolated from

165529. Most commonly asexual reproduction in the Protozoa is by

165530. Most productive species among the different vitamin B12 producing Pseudomonads is

165531. Lactobacilli constitute the normal flora of

165532. Lactobacilli grow best under

165533. Laminarin is an energy storage material characteristic of

165534. Loss of carbon through the microbial loop in oligotrophic environments is __________ to/than the loss of carbon through the microbial loop in copiotrophic environments.

165535. Media containing spores and thermolabile constituents are sterilized by

165536. Mushrooms are classified in which of the following division?

165537. Negative regulation of protein synthesis is accomplished by

165538. Nitrifying bacteria can not be isolated directly by the usual techniques employed to isolate hetrotrophic bacteria. The reasons may be due to

165539. Nitrogen fixation refers to the direct conversion of atmospheric nitrogen gas into

165540. Novobiocin can be used against

165541. Nystatin is a drug used for treatment of diseases caused by

165542. One of the first enzymes synthesized by many bacteriophage is __________ , an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.

165543. Organisms which have spore-forming stage in their life cycle and lack special locomotory organelles belong to which phylum of Protozoa?

165544. Most reliable test for detection of hepatitis E infection is

165545. Organisms with amoeboid cells that move within a network of mucous tracks using a typical gliding motion belong to which phylum of Protozoa?

165546. Most soil protozoa are flagellates or amoebas, having their dominant mode of nitrogen as

165547. Organisms with complex life cycles which include a mammalian host and an insect host and involves schizogony as part of the cycle belong to which phylum of Protozoa?

165548. Most spoilage bacteria grow at

165549. Most strains of Staphylococcus aureus indicate

165550. Mumps vaccine is prepared from the cultures of

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