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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3277

163851. The stomatal guard cells perform all the functions but

163852. Rubber fruits depend upon seed dispersal mechanism of

163853. The trachea divides into two

163854. Selective reabsorption mainly occurs through

163855. The transformation method of plants and animals in which plants and animals are given shocks is known as

163856. When the body temperature rises, several mechanism help in loosing heat but the mechanism that helps in reducing heat production is

163857. Amount of ADH determines the

163858. As a result of vasodilation,

163859. At the same time, smoking can not provide stimulation and

163860. Beer may be produced by

163861. Through enzyme pepsin, proteins can be changed to

163862. Blood entering the kidney has

163863. Time required to replace one unit of blood is

163864. Blood entering the lungs contain

163865. Tissue respiration is also referred as

163866. Blood pressure required for ultrafiltration is provided through

163867. To form one glucose molecule, the number of water molecules required are

163868. Cadmium is an example of

163869. Together, HCl, rennin and pepsin form the

163870. Types of gametes produced by 2 pair of chromosomes can be

163871. Untreated sewage may cause

163872. Use of non-fossil fuel in factory may

163873. Vitamin helpful in the process of blood clotting is

163874. water molecule is split into hydrogen and oxygen in

163875. During oxygen debt, the lactic acid is removed from

163876. Each nephron consists of

163877. Fat-soluble vitamins helps in all but

163878. For excretion, animals with impermeable skin use

163879. For fruit dispersal, balsam fruits depends upon

163880. Forebrain does not include

163881. From the root hair cells, the water travels through the

163882. Hangover results in

163883. Hilum refers to the

163884. Human body gets rid of carbon dioxide through

163885. Carbon monoxide causes

163886. If heat loss center is activated in hypothalamus, the control mechanism include all but

163887. Central heating systems can be run through

163888. Relay neuron in spinal cord transmit impulses to

163889. Renal pelvis is the enlarged portion of

163890. Spherical-shaped bacteria are referred as

163891. Spinal nerve

163892. The apple fruit is formed from

163893. Joules contributed to the understanding of

163894. The economic output and investment of different types of biotechnologies is known as

163895. Large amount of dilute urine is produced in

163896. The example of green biotechnology is

163897. Larynx refers to the

163898. The function of pancreas is to produce

163899. Loss of water during sweating stimulates

163900. The outermost covering in animals is called as

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