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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3273

163651. The friction between the eyelid and exposed part of the eye ball is reduced through

163652. Neurons

163653. No one has been able to develop a mixture that can be called as

163654. On boiling with Benedict solution, the reducing sugar will form a precipitate of

163655. Pancreatic juice helps in the conversion of proteins to polypeptides, through enzyme called as

163656. Pulling hand away from hot iron is an example of

163657. Rickets is caused due to the deficiency of

163658. Sessile flowers have

163659. Silting means

163660. Stamens are not usually pendulous in plants pollinated by

163661. Upon soaking, the testa

163662. Via synapse, receptor neuron transmits impulse to

163663. When the brain is viewed from above in man, the visible part of brain is

163664. 75 to 90 mm of mercury is an adults normal

163665. A gland is a

163666. A healthy consumption of fats is

163667. A mature sieve tube cell

163668. The function of cranial nerves includes

163669. According to surveys, most young people smoke in order to

163670. The innermost layer of the eyeball is

163671. Adaptability to environmental changes improves due to

163672. The non-renewable sources do not include

163673. Fibrinogen is a form of

163674. Friends teasing that non-smoker is not sporting enough and lively turns into

163675. Alkaloids found in opium do not include

163676. Gaseous pollutants include

163677. Backflow of blood into the ventricle is

163678. Growth of bacteria in hair follicle is prevented through

163679. Bacterial diseases are treated with drug containing

163680. Hormone causing larva to grow or turn into a pupa is

163681. Blood is called blood tissue due to the presence of

163682. If Biuret solution is added to egg white, the resulting color will be

163683. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are developed through

163684. Burrows help small mammals to

163685. Closed stomata reduce

163686. Death can result due to meningitis caused by

163687. Disadvantages of pesticides includes

163688. Dry mass is lost through

163689. Lipases digests

163690. Many freshwater fish

163691. More energy is available in a

163692. Nicotine

163693. Nicotine is a

163694. Number of alkaloids in opium are at least

163695. Outcomes of long term alcohol consumption includes

163696. Plants do not produce

163697. Production of insulin causes

163698. Rate of heartbeat and blood pressures increases due to

163699. Iliac veins carry deoxygenated blood from

163700. Rickets is characterized by

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