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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3258

162901. Cholesterol is essential for normal membrane functions because it

162902. Cholesterol is somewhat amphipathic due to

162903. Exocytosis is the secretion of proteins

162904. In active transport, the membrane structure that functions is

162905. Phospholipid contains

162906. Synthesis of fatty acid takes place when

162907. The key enzyme in the regulation of fatty acid synthesis is

162908. The lowest energy value lipid for human nutrition is

162909. The membrane proteins that catalyze active transport reactions differ from soluble enzymes as

162910. The mesosomes may be the sites of

162911. The model that is now known to be correct for the structure of biological membrane is

162912. The movement of molecules across a membrane by passive transport does not require

162913. The plasma membrane is a selectively permeable barrier due to presence of specific transport

162914. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) is the site of

162915. Chronic consumption of excess selenium can lead to

162916. Lysozymes are found in

162917. Consumption of which nutrient leads to the multiplication of oral bacteria?

162918. Membrane lipids are

162919. Peptidoglycan is a complex consisting of

162920. Pinocytosis occurs in

162921. Which of the following is correct?

162922. What transports copper from the intestinal cells to the liver?

162923. Which group is most often affected with copper deficiency?

162924. Which of the following carbohydrate is effective in promoting the calcium absorption?

162925. Which of the following ion is required for the development of sound teeth with resistance to tooth decay?

162926. Which of the following is necessary for the clotting of blood, functions of certain enzymes and control of fluids through cell membranes?

162927. Which of the following is not a function of iron?

162928. Examples of goitrogenic foods are __________ and __________ .

162929. Which of the following is required as a component of blood hemoglobin?

162930. Iodine is a part of thyroid hormone and is essential for the prevention of

162931. Which of the following mineral deficiency may result into impaired growth and development, skin lesions and loss of appetite?

162932. Manganese is a key component of all of the following enzymes except

162933. Which of the following mineral is involved in protein metabolism and oxidation reactions?

162934. Manganese is needed for

162935. Normal glucose metabolism requires

162936. Selenium deficiency leads to

162937. The mineral which aids in the utilization of iron and in hemoglobin synthesis is

162938. The mineral which is considered important in maintaining electrical potential in nerves and membranes is

162939. What condition is caused by iodine deficiency during pregnancy and is characterized by stunted growth, deafness, and mental retardation?

162940. What is the main source of natural fluoride?

162941. The products of urea cycle are

162942. Urea cycle converts

162943. Which of the following is used as carbon atom source while producing urea in the urea cycle?

162944. Better understanding of the nuclei is possible,

162945. Coupling causes the peaks in 1H NMR spectra to be split into

162946. What is shielding in NMR?

162947. Why is it important to use a deuterated solvent?

162948. A five carbon sugar lacking a hydrogen at the number 2 carbon is found in

162949. A nucleotide consists of

162950. Which of the following mineral is involved in the enzyme -controlled energy yielding reactions of metabolism?

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