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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3165

158251. The time consumed to deliver a complete order to its customers is classified as

158252. The timeframe between placement of order until a finished good is produced is classified as

158253. The total manufacturing time is multiplied to manufacturing cycle efficiency to calculate

158254. The types of costs of quality consists of

158255. The value added manufacturing time is divided by total manufacturing to calculate

158256. The on-time performance and customer-response time are examples of

158257. In accounting, the cost incurred in past or in historical financial statements is classified as

158258. The performance of a product in comparison to its features and design is classified as

158259. The sum of cost of direct materials, costs of buildings and equipments and research and development costs is classified as

158260. The sum of manufacturing time and waiting time for an order is classified as

158261. The kaizen budgeting’s significant feature is

158262. the larger number of manager subordinates and the higher leveled manager are classified as

158263. The manager who is responsible for both the cost and revenues is called

158264. The manager who is responsible for investments of the company, its costs and revenues is classified as

158265. The manager who is responsible for only the cost of the company is classified as

158266. The arrangement of line of authority within the company is classified as

158267. The manager who is responsible for only the revenues of the company is classified as

158268. The assignment of task to managers who are accountable for their actions in controlling and budgeting of resources is classified as

158269. The material or anything for which cost is to be measured is classified as

158270. The collection of cost data according to accounting system in an organized way is classified as

158271. The process of assigning the indirect costs to any specific cost object is classified as

158272. The process of tracing the direct costs and allocation of indirect costs is classified as

158273. The cost which is related to specific cost object and cannot be economically traceable is classified as

158274. The cost which is related to specific cost object and economically traceable is classified as

158275. The cost which remains unchanged in proportion to level of total volume of production is classified as

158276. The costs are classified as fixed or variable on the basis of

158277. The difference between the budgeted amounts and the actual results is classified as

158278. The direct cost assignment to specific cost object is classified as

158279. The example of the revenue center is

158280. In alternative investments, the constant cash flow stream is equal to initial cash flow stream in the approach classified as

158281. In calculation of internal rate of return, the assumption states that cashflow received form the project must

158282. In capital budgeting, the internal rate of return of the project is classified as its

158283. In capital budgeting, the negative net present value results in

158284. In capital budgeting, the number of non-normal cash flows have internal rate of returns are

158285. in capital budgeting, the positive net present value results in

158286. IN capital budgeting, the technique which is based upon discounted cash flow is classified as

158287. In capital budgeting, the term of bond which has greater sensitivity to interest rates is

158288. The relationship between change in activity and change in total costs is considered as

158289. In capital budgeting, two projects who have cost of capital as 12% is classified as

158290. The segment of subunit of company whose manager is responsible for specific set of instructions and activities performed is classified as

158291. In cash flow analysis, the two projects are compared by using common life is classified as

158292. The initial cost is $6000 and the probability index is 5.6 then the present value of cash flows is

158293. The internal rate of return in capital budgeting can be modified to make it the representative of

158294. In internal rate of returns, the discount rate which forces the net present values to become zero is classified as

158295. The life that maximizes net present value of an asset is classified as

158296. In large expansion programs, the increased riskiness and the floatation cost associated with project can cause

158297. The modified internal rate of return is considered as present value of costs and is equal to

158298. In the mutually exclusive projects, the project which is selected in comparison to other must have

158299. The modified rate of return and modified internal rate of return exceeds cost of capital if the net present value is

158300. Other factors held constant, the greater project liquidity is because of

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