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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3106

155301. Continuous murmur is found in all, except -

155302. A(n)_is a control that, when clicked, executes an action or series of actions.

155303. In a __________ protocol, bacteria with engineered abilities to detoxify pollutants are intentionally released in an area.

155304. The crystals of magnesium oxide are

155305. Human stomach produces acid 'X' which helps in digestion of food. Acid 'X' is:

155306. In NaCl, the oxidation number of Cl2 is reduced from zero to

155307. The monocotyledonous seed consists of one large and shield shaped cotyledon known as ?

155308. सुभाष चंद्र बोस यांच्या संदर्भात असलेल्या खालील; घटना कालक्रमानुसार लावा अ) त्यांचे जर्मनीस पलायन ब) त्यांचे जपान येथे आगमन क) फोरवर्ड ब्लोच्क ची स्थापना ड) सिंगापूर येथे इंडिअन इंडिपेंडट लीगचे अध्यक्ष

155309. The term “Evergreen Revolution” has been used for increasing agricultural production in India by—

155310. Where order did Giuseppe Piazzi join?

155311. The oldest Veda is

155312. What does a switch do when a frame is received on an interface and the destination hardware address is unknown or not in the filter table?

155313. The father of Asoka was:

155314. A 3 yrs old girl has normal development milestones except delay in speech. She has difficuly in concentration communication and relating to others and does not make friends but plays with herself.Likely diagnosis is -

155315. Who said that, "State is an organ of class rule, an organ for the oppression of one class by another ..."?

155316. Which one of the following gases is ejected from volcanic hills?

155317. Two resistors are in series: a 5.6 k ohm resistor and a 4.7 k ohm resistor. The voltage drop across the 5.6 k ohm resistor is 10 V. The voltage across the 4.7 k ohm resistor is

155318. During foetal life maximum growth is caused by:

155319. Where did Thomas Edward Lawrence die?

155320. Virtual image is of same size as the object' is a true statement of plane mirror image.

155321. भारतातील स्थानिक स्वराज्य संस्थेचा जनक असे कोणास संबोधले जाते.

155322. मध्यप्रदेश में जनपद पंचायतों की संख्या कितनी हैं ?

155323. Which of the following is closest to the percentage of confiscated goods and ships awarded to customs informers?

155324. OCR stands for-

155325. The leaching loss of Nitrogen (N) is more in the form of-

155326. MCQ The point where two plates meet each other is classified as

155327. Dowry death is punishable under IPC.

155328. A 12 yrs old female is admitted as a patient of dysgerminoma of right ovary 4x5 cm in size.With intact capsule.Best treatment will be:

155329. All are ECG changes in hypokalemia, except -

155330. तमिल भाषा के प्रथम दो संगमों का इतिहास केवल ?

155331. Regarding crude birth rate all are true except

155332. நைல் நதியின் நீளம்?

155333. To remove duplicate rows from the results of an SQL SELECT statement, the ________ qualifier specified must be included.

155334. The municipal bonds public offering is often made through the

155335. राम ने 200 नारंगियां खरीदी | उनमें से 20 नारंगियां खराब हो गई | शेष को 22.50 प्रति दर्जन के भाव से बेचने पर उसे 62.50 रू. की हानि हुई, तो नारंगियों का क्रय मूल्य ज्ञात कीजिए ?

155336. उत्तर प्रदेश का सर्वाधिक वर्षा वाला जिला कौन-सा हैं ?

155337. उत्तर प्रदेश में एक रेल कोच फैक्ट्री की स्थापना की जा रही है -

155338. Treatment of municipal water supplies is based upon

155339. Different amounts of gases have different values of

155340. If the value of moment arm is zero then the torque produce will be

155341. विश्व जल दिवस' कोणत्या दिवशी साजरा केला जातो ?

155342. A partial auxiliary view is used to show only the ________ in the auxiliary view.

155343. What was widely used to disseminate the news of James Polk’s nomination?

155344. The main reason for production of antibiotics in fed batch reactors is

155345. While calculating the empirical formula, the simplest ratio is obtained by dividing

155346. Paper was invented in -

155347. The electrons in experiment of X Ray production are produced by

155348. The Global Handwashing Day is celebrated on

155349. लेमा ग्वोबी ,एलेन जॉन्सन सरलीफ आणि ___________ यांना शांततेचे नोबेलपारितोषिक 07 ऑक्टोबर 2011 रोजी देण्यात आले.

155350. Spuriously high BP is seen in A/E:

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