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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3088

154401. Ulnar Hammer Syndrome is caused by injury to

154402. The mineral which is considered important in maintaining electrical potential in nerves and membranes is

154403. घाना पक्षी अभयारण्य इनमें से राजस्थान के किस जिले में स्थित हैं ?

154404. Alkalis turn Universal indicators

154405. The First Asian Games was held in —

154406. If a signal passing through a gate is inhibited by sending a LOW into one of the inputs, and the output is HIGH, the gate is a(n):

154407. Which of the following is normally not found in both the S.I. (petrol) & C.I. (diesel) engines ?

154408. दिल्ली में इंद्रप्रस्थ के खंडहरों पर "दीन पनाह" नगर किसने बसाया था ?

154409. Who was the Chairman of the Draft Committee of the Constituent Assembly ?

154410. Accurately known digits and the first doubtful digit are called

154411. The earliest sign of iron deficiency anaemia -

154412. १९९०-९१ मध्ये भारतात चामड्याच्या वस्तूंची निर्यात किती टक्के होती ?

154413. विवाह पध्दति पुस्तक किसने लिखी ?

154414. Which one of the following High Court has the Territorial Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

154415. Cystosarcoma phylloides is treated by -

154416. हारवर्ड बिझिनेस स्कूल येथून पदवीधर होणारी पहिली भारतीय महिला कोण

154417. XLL definition is used along with XML to specify

154418. Which of the following consumes the maximum tonnage of refractories annually in an integrated steel plant ?

154419. Kim can do a work in 3 days while David can do the same work in 2 days. Both of them finish the work together and get Rs.150. What is the share of Kim?

154420. The 'refreezing stage' considers

154421. CD-95 has a major role in:

154422. In an examination 70% of the candidates passed in English, 60% passed in Telugu and 10% failed in both. Find the pass percentage?

154423. Antihyperlipidemic DOC in pregnancy is

154424. Nickel is good at

154425. In php string data are

154426. ऑनिथॉलॉजी म्हणजे काय.

154427. इन्फोसिसचे संस्थापक संचालक एन.आर. नारायणमुर्ती यांना त्यांच्या आर्थिक क्षेत्रातील यशाबद्दल आणि योगदानाबद्दल हूवर मेडल पुरस्कारानी गौरविण्यात आले. यापूर्वी 2008 मध्ये भारताच्या एक पूर्व राष्ट्रपतींना ह्या मेडल ने गौरविण्यात आले आहे. ते राष्ट्रपती कोण ?

154428. Collecting tubules of human kidney originate from -

154429. To prevent KFD which of the following is not used:

154430. Ethanol is biofuel and are said to be

154431. A person is able to abduct his arm, internally rotate it,place the back of hand on the lumbosacral joint,but is not able to lift it from back.What is Etiology ?

154432. Intercalary meristems are located at the base of

154433. महिला - स्वतंत्रता के लिए फ्रांस का सीमों द बूवा पुरस्कार 2013 में किसने प्राप्त किया हैं ?

154434. Air vessel provided in a reciprocating pump

154435. Many elements have non-integral atomic masses because —

154436. Which is the capital of Tennessee?

154437. Which one among the following statements about Civil Disobedience Movement is correct?

154438. Gassy spoilage of green olives is usually caused by

154439. निम्नलिखित टावरों में से किस टावर को दुनिया की "सबसे बड़ी खड़ी भूलभुलैया होने के लिए" गिनीज वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड में सूचीबद्ध किया गया है ?

154440. If the number 91876 * 2 is completely divisible by 8, then the smallest whole number in place of * will be:

154441.  Which among the following is the most unique feature of Dholavira site of the Indus Valley Civilization?

154442. Which of the following is the action of the lateral pterygoid muscle on the temporomandibular joint ?

154443. 'भारताच्या दारिद्र्याच्या मुळाशी ब्रिटीशांचे आर्थिक धोरण जबाबदार आहे' असे ठामपणे प्रतिपादन करणारे पहिले भारतीय विचारवंत कोण ? 

154444. The unit of luminous intensity is

154445. The total age of A and B is 12 years more than the total age of B and C. C is how many years younger than A?

154446. Your /etc/securetty file contains the following line:tty1Also your /etc/pam.d/login file has the following line at the top:auth sufficient /lib/security/pam_securetty.soThis means that:

154447. गांडूळ कोणत्या अवयवाच्या मदतीने श्वसन करतो?

154448. The movement of free electrons in a conductor is called

154449. Who among the following was the last to be initiated in his religion by Gautama Buddha?

154450. பக்ஸார் போரில் பங்கேற்ற முகலாயப் பேரரசர்?

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