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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3065

153251. Which one among the following is not true for Special Economic Zones?

153252. In binomial distribution, the formula of calculating standard deviation is

153253. जर्मनी एवं पोलैण्ड के बीच सीमा कौन नदी बनाती है ?

153254. The Indian financial year begins on

153255. The smoker's cough is

153256. नुकतेच चर्चेत आलेले जांगमू धरण कोणत्या नदीवर बांधण्यात येत आहे?

153257. प्रत्येक माहिती आयुक्त, पदधारणाच्या दिनांकापासून ________ वर्षाच्या कालावधीसाठी आपले पद धारण करेल.

153258. The quorum requirements in the Rajya sabha is

153259. The selection of the front view in executing a multiview drawing of an object is dependent upon the following factors:

153260. Cotton dust is associated with -

153261. The headquarter of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the World bank Group is located in

153262. An elderly female presents to the emergency department and was found to have a transmural myocardial infarction.Based on her ECG, she was started on thrombolytic therapy with streptokinase.On further examination, which of the following findings would indicate that the thrombolytic therapy is risky and should be stopped ?

153263. Four postulates were given by Robert Koch in the

153264. திரவப் பெட்ரோலிய வாயு எதன் கலவையாகும்?

153265. S3 may be seen with all except -

153266. The expansion inputs to a comparator are used for expansion to a(n):

153267. A right angle is the angle of measure

153268. బాహ్య ఫలదీకరణం జరిపే జీవులకు ఉదాహరణ ?

153269. The book 'Mutation Research' is written by -

153270. To qualify as a micro array the analytical device must be

153271. MCQ The continent which is situated between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean is

153272. ............हे शहराचे प्रथम नागरिक असतात.

153273. Yeast are most likely to grow in frozen fruits during

153274. The differences among individuals performing jobs at same workplace are classified as

153275. டிரைடான் என்பது .................... கோளின் மிகப்பெரிய செயற்கை கோள் ஆகும்?

153276. Ctrl + X

153277. முதன் முதலில் இந்தியாவில் எங்கு பங்கு சந்தை ( STOCK EXCHANGE ) ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்டது?

153278. Gastric lavage is contraindicated in poisoning with

153279. Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana lived during the reign of

153280. First Indian woman who reached Antarctica:

153281. Which of the following has a 51:49 joint venture with Japanese automobile company Nissan for manufacturing light commercial vehicles in India?

153282. After sexual intercourse,a person develops pain in the left testes that does not get relieved on elevation of scrotum.Possible diagnosis is:

153283. डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकराचे कोणते लिखाण नाही

153284. Eisenmenger syndrome is characterized by all except:

153285. तेजाजी का मेला कहाँ आयोजित होता है?

153286. इको मार्क कब से शुरू किया गया ?

153287. In an accident there was rupture of the pituitary stalk.This would lead to all of the following except:

153288. What is the motto of Pennsylvania?

153289. The following phenomenon is responsible for antibiotic resistance in bacteria due to slime production:

153290. When the winds blow from all sides to the central low in an anticlockwise direction, then this phenomenon is known as

153291. A child presents with complaints of oliguria,abdominal distension and diarrhoea.On examination there is deep jaundice.Hepatomegaly was present measuring 4 cm below the costal margin.Conjugated bilirubin in blood was 38mg/dL,and there was urine urobilinogen and bile pigments.Hemoglobin was 4mg/dL and serum creatinine was 3mg/dL.Which of the following tests is of least importance to diagnose this case

153292. வைட்டமின் E குறைவினால் இந்தநோய் உண்டாகிறது?

153293. भारतीय नौसेनेच्या प्रथम एअर स्टेशनचे नाव काय होते?

153294. The frequency of sky waves is

153295. Who were called the Kings of Wisdom?

153296. When a beam of light (wavelength = 450 nm),originally travelling in air, enters a piece of glass (index of refraction 1/50), what will happen to its frequency?

153297. प्राथमिक नगर का सर्वप्रथम किसने प्रयोग किया था ?

153298. When “H2 control” is specified for a manual metal arc welding project, the electrode would normally be:

153299. " மாத்யூ ஹைடன் " என்பவர் எந்த விளையாட்டுடன் தொடர்புடையவர்?

153300. Lubb sound is produced when tricuspid and bicuspid valves are

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