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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3057

152851. Which of the following structures is expected in a bacterium?

152852. શ્રી કાકા કાલેલકર નીચેનામાંથી શાની સાથે સંકળાયેલા છે ?

152853. The collapse of Ngo Dinh Diem’s regime in South Vietnam prompted Kennedy to

152854. What was the code name for USA’s research work for atomic bomb?

152855. Which college did Ronald Knox attend?

152856. Due to osmotic problems in freshwater bony fish, kidneys

152857. Which of the following describe(s) a power amplifier?

152858. In a closed loop system, the process to be controlled is an integrating process with transfer function l/2s. The controller proposed to be used in an integral controller with transfer function 1/T1s. When a step change in set point is applied to such

152859. आधुनिक जैवतंत्रज्ञान. ............ पातळीवर कार्य करते.

152860. Vacuum permittivity is represented by

152861. Which of the following molecule catalyzes the transpeptidation reaction?

152862. The point in the immersed body through which the resultant pressure of the liquid may be taken to act is known as

152863. Partial fractions of x/(x+a)(x+b)(x+c) will be of the form

152864. India and World Bank signed an agreement of __ million dollars for Rajasthan rural livelihoods project.

152865. HIV primarily infects ?

152866. Tongue helps to select suitable foods through

152867. From the soil, the inorganic ions can be loaded in the root hair through

152868. Nail and half nail sign, seen in uremia due to-

152869. Which battle did John Qunicy Adams watch from Penn’s Hill in 1767?

152870. Work done is actually product of force and

152871. As per the reports published in various newspapers, RBI has asked banks to make a plan to provide banking services to all villages having a population of 2000. This directive issued by the RBI will fall in which of the following categories ?

152872. ग्रामपंचायत सचिवाची नेमणूक; बदली व बढती करण्याचे अधिकार...........यांना आहेत.

152873. The new agent pemetrexed, useful in breast cancer, belongs to which of the following category of drugs -

152874. The direction in which the graphite cannot conduct is

152875. MCQ The largest ocean of the Earth's Oceanic Divisions is

152876. पंचशील वर सर्व प्रथम सही करणारे दोेन देश कोणते

152877. In reengineering, the phase which focuses on getting new procedures, equipments and tools to improve the quality of products or services is classified as

152878. Jatakas' are the sacred books of the

152879. कलकत्ता येथे असलेली ब्रिटीशांची राजधानी कोणाच्या कार्यकाळात दिल्ली येथे हलविण्यात आली ? 

152880. When an IC has two rows of parallel connecting pins, the device is referred to as a:

152881. ஒளி நேர்கோட்டில் செல்வது போல் தோன்ற காரணம் அதன்?

152882. A reversible liquid phase endothermic reaction is to be carried out in a plug flow reactor. For minimum reactor volume, it should be operated such that the temperature along the length

152883. ' भावार्थसिंधु ' चे लेखन कोणी केले ?

152884. What information can be generated by interrupted mating experiments?

152885. दिसम्बर 2010 में कांग्रेस ने अपनी स्थापना के कितने वर्ष पूरे किए ?

152886. A patient had a inferior wall myocardial infarction and was in shock.The reason for the patient being in shock is:

152887. Which among the following are the best tools for fixing the errors?

152888. पोलिया का पहला प्रभावशाली टीका निम्नलिखित ने तैयार किया था ?

152889. Which of the following is a marker for Langerhans cell histiocytosis

152890. Following name is associated with Psychodynamic theory -

152891. A conductor

152892. Granulocytopenia,gingival hyperplasia and facial hirsutism are all possible aide effects of one of the following anticonvulsant drugs:

152893. When was Joseph Conrad born?

152894. Which of the following events took place when Martin Van Buren was President of USA?

152895. Copper can have a charge of

152896. At which stage of crop, there is no competition for light, moisture and nutrients?

152897. राज्य की प्रमुख वाणिज्यिक फसल हैं ?

152898. One way to derive FM from PM is:

152899. A microbial population in a suspension culture will only be limited by oxygen availability if the dissolved oxygen

152900. வியாழன் (Jupiter) கோளின் ஆரம் எவ்வளவு?

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