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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 303

15151. Not an advantage of case control studies:

15152. In which of the following page replacement policies Balady’s anomaly occurs?

15153. Water has a pH of

15154. एक दुकानदार अपनी वस्तुओं के अंकित मूल्य पर 10% की छूट देकर भी 20% लाभ अर्जित करता है | जिस वस्तु का अंकित मूल्य 500 रू. है, वह उसने कितने में खरीदी होगी ?

15155. Downward displacement of enlarged spleen is prevented by:

15156. 1927 ല്‍ ഇന്ത്യ സന്ദര്‍ശിച്ച കമ്മീഷന്‍ [1927 l‍ inthya sandar‍shiccha kammeeshan‍ ]

15157. As compared to other single phase ac motors a universal motor has

15158. The harmonic mean between the two numbers a and b is

15159. _____अंधारात चमकते.

15160. Where did Clyde William Tombaugh serve as assistant astronomer?

15161. Presence of maggots at postmortem indicates -

15162. एशिया का सबसे बडी लोहे की खान है -

15163. The bond length in C-C is

15164. ஒலியின் திசைவேகம்?

15165. One single statement that depicts the financial position of a bank and/or business enterprise at a given point of time is called—

15166. Gray King Assay and Swelling Index of a coal is a measure of its

15167. In zero coupon bonds, the increase in duration with respect to maturity must be at

15168. A 2 k ohm resistor and a 0.002 F capacitor are in series across an ac source. Current in the circuit is 6.50 mA. The true power is

15169. Most common gestational trophoblastic disease following hydatiform mole is

15170. The structured approach to asses sources of brand equity and its outcomes to create brand value is classified as

15171. The Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5 Sep which commemorates the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, while the World Teachers Day is celebrated on

15172. The common word for bacteria which are straight rod in shape is

15173. कम्प्यूटर में उपयोग के लिए बाजार में बिकने वाले प्रोग्राम को क्या कहते हैं ?

15174. The law of conservation of angular momentum is mostly used in

15175. The hierarchy of a series of directories branching in a user system starts from

15176. Considering facts about Uranus, the planet Uranus was discovered by

15177. महमद गझनीने भारतावर पहिली स्वारी कधी केली?

15178. Veins do not require thick walls

15179. True about G-protein receptor complex -

15180. सबसे अधिक जनजाति की जनसंख्या वाला राज्य कौनसा हैं ?

15181. If the nucleon number of fluorine is 19, the proton number will be

15182. A transformer is used to

15183. झारखण्ड का प्रथम हिन्दी दैनिक पत्र -

15184. लोकहितवादी मूळ आडनाव कोणते होते ?

15185. Best method to diagnose pulmonary embolism -

15186. As a technician you are confronted with a TTL circuit board containing dozens of IC chips. You have taken several readings at numerous IC chips, but the readings are inconclusive because of their erratic nature. Of the possible faults listed, select

15187. थांगला दर्रा (Thangla Pass) किस जिले में स्थित है?

15188. The standard normal probability distribution has mean equal to 40, whereas the value of random variable x is 80 and the z-statistic is equal to 1.8 then the standard deviation of standard normal probability distribution is

15189. Planing Commission is a -

15190. यदि किसी सम्पदा के 4/5 भाग का मूल्य 16800 के 3/7 भाग मूल्य होगा ?

15191. In this type of dimensioning, allowance must be made for bends:

15192. Who succeeded Ho Chi Minh as head of the Vietnamese Communist Party upon Ho’s death?

15193. What is the maximum number of different amino acids in a polypeptide chain coded by the synthetic polyribonucleotides (UCAG)5?

15194. Araucaria or christmas tree, a common and beautiful vascular plant of gardens, is a variety of

15195. Neuroblastoma differs from Wilm's tumor radiologically by all except:

15196. MCQ The method of cell division followed by prokaryotes is

15197. Which of the statements is NOT correct?

15198. . एक ऐसी डिवाइस है, जो न केवल सर्च प्रोटेक्शन देती है, बल्कि बिजली जाने पर आपके कम्प्यूटर को बैटरी पॉवर भी देती है |

15199. Oligoclonal bands in CSF are found in all except:

15200. Germination of 101 years old seeds was observed in

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