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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3014

150701. Who was the first 'Guru' of the Sikhs?

150702. Which of the following step is assumed to be the slowest step in the Michaelis Menten equation?

150703. Retroviruses replicate via __________ intermediate

150704. सुर्य कुण्ड कहाँ अवस्थित है ?

150705. Individuals suffering from primary atypical pneumonia have agglutinins to

150706. You telnet into a remote device and type debug ip rip, but no output from the debug command is seen. What could the problem be?

150707. All are true of paroxysmal atrial tachycardia except -

150708. A very dormant and thick walled structure which is produced by direct fusion of hyphae are called

150709. What happens to the magnetic field intensity if the current carrying wire has three times as many loops,and the same amount of current?

150710. 'Richter Scale' is used to measure which of the following ?

150711. The economists considers effects of the project started on other parts of company or on the environment of the company is called

150712. You need to gather the IP address of a remote switch that is located in Hawaii. What can you do to find the address?

150713. निम्न में से कौन-सा सही सुमेलित नही हैं ?

150714. If we reverse the direction of electric current, then the direction of magnetic field will be

150715. कोई राशि कितने वर्षों में 4 गुनी हो जायेगी यदि वह 18 वर्ष में 64 गुनी हो जाती है तो ?

150716. ढ़ालभूम की समस्त जनता ने किसके नेतृत्व में विद्रोह किया था ?

150717. ग्रामपंचायतीच्या सदस्यांना...........असे संबोधतात.

150718. The disease transmitted by blood-

150719. The loan which is made available for businesses or individuals to buy land, home or other property is classified as

150720. Which of the following subtype of Ultraviolet (UV) rays is 100% penetrable through the Ozone Layer?

150721. Under national program for control of blindness, how to monitor patients after cataract surgery ?

150722. Where did Morris West die?

150723. MCQ The headquarters of World Food Programme was located in

150724. The microbes which are most likely to be completely dependent on a plant or animal host are

150725. Which is the capital of Iowa?

150726. Normal sized to enlarged kidneys in a patient with chronic renal failure is indicative of -

150727. True about temporal arteritis except-

150728. Stefan-Boltzman law applies to __________ body.

150729. Drug of choice in mycoplasma pneumonia is

150730. What type of sketch incorporates convergence?

150731. The mentoring by employees dealt with

150732. A Brookfield viscometer measures viscosity by determining

150733. Kinds of tissues making up the stomach are

150734. The DROP TABLE statement:

150735. On prolonged exposure to high concentration of carbon monoxide (> 5000 ppm), man dies because

150736. Cyanide causes inhibition of transfer of reducing equivalents in the respiratory chain in the stage:

150737. A child with fever and pharyngitis which of the following investigation should not be done:

150738. Which of the following statements are correct about a namespace used in C#.NET? 1.Classes must belong to a namespace, whereas structures need not. 2.Every class, struct, enum, delegate and interlace has to belong to some or the other namespa

150739. The principle reason for using an auxiliary view is ________.

150740. ராக்கெட் எரிபொருள் குறித்த கோட்பாட்டினை முதலில் உருவாக்கியவர்?

150741. कोणत्या साली भारतात प्रथमच आणीबाणी घोषणा केलि गेली ?

150742. There is considerable morbidity and mortality due to bone diseases,more frequently amongst women.The most common cause of bone disease in India is:

150743. விஜய நகர பேரரசின் தலைநகரம்?

150744. खालीलपैकी कोठे महानगरपालिका नाही ? 

150745. जानेवारी २०११ मध्ये होणाऱ्या जागतिक मराठी संमेलन ‘शोध मराठी मनाचा’ या संमेलनाचे अध्यक्ष म्हणून कोणाची निवड करण्यात आली आहे?

150746. Commonest cause of hearing loss in children is -

150747. Substances which can act like acid or base are known as

150748. Which is ca breast is B/L -

150749. Energy produced in the nuclear fission is of the order of __________ MeV.

150750. When was Johannes Diderik van der Waals professor at the University of Amsterdam?

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