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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3007

150351. The resistance of a metal wire at ice point is 800 Ω and 810 Ω at steam point, and the resistance of wire is 801 Ω the room temperature would be

150352. Which of the following is an aminoneuro-transmitter-

150353. The value which converts series of equal payments in to the value received at end time of investment is classified as

150354. When was Ellsworth Huntington born?

150355. When did Max Weber write Essays on Art?

150356. A man is at rest in the middle of a horizontal plane of perfectly smooth surface of ice. He can move himself to the shore by making use of Newton's:

150357. Which of the following is an ethylene biosynthesis inhibitor?

150358. Which of the following deals with economic offences?

150359. Inverse agonist of benzodiazepine receptor is:

150360. What is the normalized gain expressed in dB for the cutoff frequencies?

150361. In the presence of phenolphthalein, alkali shows

150362. ‘ATM’ stands for—

150363. प्रदेश का निम्नलिखित में सै कौनसा चित्रकार मिश्रित चित्रकला शैली से संबंधित नहीं है ?

150364. Which one of the following allotropes of carbon is used for cutting and drilling?

150365. The structured undisguised questionnaire is the one in which the purpose of study is

150366. Lives of organisms are greatly affected by

150367. Which of the following books is written by Arun Shourie ?

150368. उत्तराखण्ड राज्य संघर्ष में मुज्जफरनगर कांड कब घटित हुआ?

150369. एक कागद छापण्यासाठी १ मिनिट १५ सेकंद वेळ लागला;तर ३ तासांत किती कागद छापून होतील?

150370. Which of the following is not obtained from the bark of a tree

150371. Which of the following was considered a swing state in USA Presidential Election 2012?

150372. Slime molds differ from the moldy fungi

150373. विश्व की सबसे लम्बी नदी कौनसी हैं ?

150374. The product or set of product which functions as close substitutes is classified as

150375. When was Thomas Stearns Eliot born?

150376. समाज स्वास्थ्य ' हे मासिक कोणी चालू केले?

150377. संगणक व तंत्रज्ञान यामुळे २१वे शतक कोणत्या नावाने ओळखले जाते?

150378. Which of the following temples was a well known centre of Higher Education?

150379. Bacteria and fungi multiply best

150380. The leaching loss of Nitrogen (N) is more in the form of-

150381. Formication and delusion of persecution occurs together in-

150382. Chemical precipitation of phosphorus is

150383. Which one among the following is used to make periscope?

150384. Analogy between mass and heat transfer is not applicable in case of

150385. मध्यप्रदेश का राजकीय पुष्प क्या है?

150386. Which of the following is a substitute for crystal violet used in gram-staining procedure?

150387. कॉंसे की अंगुठी और तॉंबे की सिकड़ी किस स्थान पर मिली हैं ?

150388. Elevation drawings will include information about ________.

150389. खालील पैकी कोणते देशातील पहिले e-court बनणार आहे जे e-mail द्वारे दाखल केलेली याचिका ग्राह्य मानून त्यावर सुनावणी करेल?

150390. The job of approximate the overall financial worth of the brand

150391. A two-terminal variable resistor is known as a

150392. MCQ The first unmanned mission to the Moon was launched by the

150393. We can obtain crystals by cooling of

150394. Changing the magnetic field intensity in a closed loop of wires induces

150395. fopen($file_doc,%u201Dr &rdquo opens a file for

150396. Any number with an exponent of zero is equal to:

150397. ध्रुव गोदारा किस खेल से सम्बंधित हैं?

150398. Size of blast furnace grade coke is __________ mm.

150399. The method in which small samples of reaction mixture is carried out at various times for chemical analysis is called

150400. If the absolute temperature of an ideal gas is tripled and simultaneously the pressure is reduced to one third; then the volume of gas will

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