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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2990

149501. 10 लिटर = किती पाव लिटर?

149502. Which of the following has the highest gum forming tendency in gosoline ?

149503. Bacterial growth curve is obtained by plotting

149504. 2011 चा 'साहीत्य अकादमी ' चा पुरस्कार कवी ग्रेस यांना कोणत्या साहित्य निर्मितीसाठी बहाल करण्यात आला?

149505. In financial planning, the higher most option price will leads to

149506. Who was Christopher Lee’s regular co-star in Hammer Films?

149507. Which of the following data type is not seal or datetype supported by PHP

149508. Hyperkalemia due to Scoline is seen in all except:

149509. A,20 yrs old,male pt, from jaipur,presents with an erythematous lesion on the cheek with central crusting;likely diagnosis is:

149510. The heated medium passes through a holding section, which is usually maintained in

149511. The elimination of nitrogenous waste from the body constitutes

149512. Hydrogen in liquid steels is dissolved

149513. True about Lymphangioma is ?

149514. महाराष्ट्र शासनाने 'ग्राम न्यायालय कायदा २००८' कधी लागू केला?

149515. For calculation of sample size for a prevalence study all of the following are necessary except:

149516. Which of the following strategy has been recommended to reduce the hereditar risk of ovarian cancer in women with BRCA I and BRCA II mutation -

149517. A machine is able to lift a mass of 200 kg vertically upto the height of 30 m above the ground in 50 seconds. The power of the machine is

149518. The first session of the Constituent Assembly was held in

149519. Which of the following delimiter syntax is PHP\'s default delimiter syntax

149520. The period of tan(2x) is

149521. Commonest endocrine tumor of pancreas -

149522. एक दुकानदार अपनी साड़ियों का मूल्य लागत मूल्य से 20% अधिक निर्धारित करता है और उस पर नकद खरीददार को 10% बट्टा भी देता है | तब उसे कुल कितने प्रतिशत लाभ होता है ?

149523. The vacuum in a vacuum flask prevents the heat transfer through the process of

149524. चहा व्यापार महामंडळाची स्थापना कधी झाली ?

149525. Which of the following hormones has maximum effect on sodium excretion from the kidney?

149526. Which types of fonts are best suitable for titles and headlines

149527. The bonds that are backed by cashflow from project and are sold to finance particular project are classified as

149528. The inventory which consists of partially worked goods or work in progress is called

149529. अफ्रिका महाद्वीप का कितना प्रतिशत भाग कृषि के योग्य है?

149530. When used in a circuit an LED is generally operated at about ?

149531. If a man were to sell his handcart for Rs. 720, he would lose 25%. To gain 25%, the selling price is

149532. Which is not true about choledochal cyst?

149533. The longest dam in India is

149534. Five students participated in the scholarship examination. Sudha scored higher than Puja. Kavita scored lower than Suma but higher than Sudha. Mamta scored between Puja and Sudha. Who scored lowest in the examination?

149535. This is the stage in database design where one gathers and lists all the necessary fields for the database project.

149536. Arrange the following in chronological order-i)Home Rule Movement ii)Khilafat Movement iii) Dandi March iv) Champaran Satyagraha

149537. All of the following statements are true regarding hand-foot and mouth disease except:

149538. Prof Jitendra Narayan Dash has been selected for the prestigious Central Sahitya Akademi’s Bal Puraskar for this year. He is a noted

149539. The value of stock as concluded with the help of analysis by particular investor is classified as

149540. First step taken in case of Multiple injuries of face and neck -

149541. What is the motto of Tennessee?

149542. How many values is a function capable of returning?

149543. A score of BIRDS -6 on Mammography indicates that:

149544. What is true about isolation period of enteric fever?

149545. Which of the following bill(s) was/were passed by the Lok Sabha on December 16, 2009?

149546. Bats can ascertain distances, directions, nature and size of the obstacles at night. This is possible by reflection of the emitted:

149547. किस प्रोटीन की आवश्यकता रक्त थक्का बनाने या स्कंदन में होती है?

149548. एक आदमी ने 4 रू. में 5 के भाव से संतरे खरीदें और उन्हें 5 रू. में 4 के भाव से बेचा उसका भाव है ?

149549. हवेली संगीत' शैली निम्न में से किसकी विशिष्ट देन है?

149550. Synonym of RUTHLESS

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