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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2919

145951. वाक्यातील कर्ता ओळखा. " बादशहाखान हे नाव तुम्ही ऐकले असेल. "

145952. பரப்பளவில் உலகிலேயே மிகப்பெரிய நாடு?

145953. .......या प्रकारच्या खडकापासून 'रेगूर ' ही काळी-कसदार मृदा निर्माण झाली आहे.

145954. Bringing a page into memory only when it is needed, this mechanism is called

145955. Internal commands are

145956. शेर - ए - पंजाब ' ह्या नावाने कोणते व्यक्तीमत्व ओळखले जाते ?

145957. What did Winston Churchill promise when he became Prime Minister during World War II?

145958. ചൈനയിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ ഇന്ത്യന്‍ അംബാസിഡര്‍ ആരായിരുന്നു ? [Chynayile aadyatthe inthyan‍ ambaasidar‍ aaraayirunnu ? ]

145959. The birth rate measures the number of births during the year per

145960. The period of 15sin(x/15) is

145961. Who among the following was the first heavyweight boxer to go undefeated throughout his career?

145962. Who among the following is not a moderate?

145963. The surface temperature of planet Mercury is

145964. Amniotic Fluid Index in case of of a patient with 32-34 weeks of gestation with polyhydramnios will be ?

145965. जून 2012 मध्ये पाकिस्तानचे पंतप्रधान म्हणून खालीलपौकी कोणची निवड झाली

145966. The product packaging is said to be part of

145967. काटेवाडी-मारवाडी-मणिपुरी-अरबी या भारतातील _ _ _ _ _च्या प्रमुख जाती आहेत.

145968. गोरखपुर में स्थित राहुल सांस्कृत्यायन संस्थान में किन दुर्लभ वस्तुओं का संग्रह है ?

145969. आमेजन द्रोणी के कठोर लकडी वाले वनो मे संसार की सबसे हल्की लकडी भी मिलती है, जो है ?

145970. Fructose is metabolized by

145971. देश के कुल लौह इस्पात का कितना प्रतिशत उत्पादन छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य से होता है ?

145972. జ్ఞాన్ పీథ్ అవార్డు నగదు బహుమతి ఎంత ?

145973. Which of the following did William Cooper win in 1996?

145974. राष्ट्रीय सल्लागार परिषदेच्या अध्यक्षा कोण आहेत?

145975. Which of the following is the dynamic characteristics of an instrument ?

145976. All are true about appendix except:

145977. Which of the following structures of a plant is responsible for transpiration?

145978. नियोजन कालखंडाच्या प्रारंभापासून भारतातील परकीय व्यापाराची उलाढाल .........

145979. The nucleophile in serine proteases is

145980. The famous musical invention of George Beauchamp which is part of modern music is

145981. For enzyme activity in human body the optimum temperature is

145982. एस चन्द्र दास को श्रीलंका के निवासी उच्चायुक्त के रूप में किसके द्वारा नियुक्त किया गया है ?

145983. Endocrinal causes of Carpal Tunnel syndrome include A/E

145984. MCQ The German nuclear physicist Johannes Hans Danniel Jensen received Nobel Prize for

145985. Metabolism of dissolved organic material released by phytoplankton allows heterotrophic bacteria to become part of the particulate organic matter that is passed up the food web to be metabolized and released as mineral elements and CO2 at each transf

145986. Sushil Kumar of India recently became the first Indian to grab gold medal in-

145987. Which of the following hardness tests does not measure the indentation hardness of metals and alloys ?

145988. Since the ions are held in fixed positions by strong forces, electricity is not conducted by

145989. What is diagnostic of fresh ,myocardial infarction in ECG -

145990. If the malolactic fermentation is not carried out,

145991. Which of the following is the unit of heat ?

145992. Strategic planning is strategic fit between organizations changing marketing opportunities and its

145993. उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य में अवनलिका अपरदन से सर्वाधिक प्रभावित जिला कौन-सा हैं ?

145994. ………………. is known as father of World Wide Web.

145995. నీతి శాస్త్ర ముక్తావలి ని ఎవరు రచించారు ?

145996. Antibodies to which of the following antigens of Bacillus anthracis are protective?

145997. Drug contraindicated in HOCM is ?

145998. Which of the following from a blood clot stimulates the growth of cells in the healing process?

145999. A number when divided by 296 leaves 75 as remainder. When the same number is divided by 37, the remainder will be:

146000. निम्न में से किसको देशी बैंकर्स कहॉं जाता हैं ?

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