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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2884

144201. सर्वत्र चर्चिले जाणारे KYC म्हणजे खरे तर ______________

144202. When did John Milton die?

144203. Algae are classified into 6 groups, technically known as

144204. To operate correctly, starting a ring counter requires:

144205. दो आदमी अमर और राहुल की कार्य कुशलताऍ 5:4 के अनुपात में है | यदि अमर एक कार्य को 12 घण्टे में पूरा करता है तो राहुल उसे कितने समय में पूरा करेगा ?

144206. Which of the following subtypes of HPV are not linked with Ca cervix?

144207.  भारतातील पहिल्या सार्वत्रिक निवडणुका कोणत्या वर्षी पार पडल्या ?

144208. Most reliable test for detection of hepatitis E infection is

144209. Increased frequently of HLA-B27 is seen in all of the following disease except -

144210. Treatment of non-union of # shaft femur -

144211. Transition temperature of lipid bilayers of cell membrane is increased by-

144212. After proper construction on a protoboard, the total measured resistance of a 3 k ohm, 4 k ohm, and 12 k ohm resistors in parallel should be :

144213. CSF is required to be preserved in -

144214. The long and short arms of chromosomes are designated respectively as:

144215. छत्तीसगढ़ के किस जिले में सहरिया जनजाति निवास करती है ?

144216. राजकीय कार्यों में उलेमाओं का विरोध सर्वप्रथम किसने किया ?

144217. A constant load power means a uniform conversion of

144218. The wavelength covered by Moseley was

144219. Joule Thomson effect is based upon

144220. SV 40 vectors, in which early region replacements are carried out, require

144221. यूरोपीय यात्री "सर टॉमस रो" किस मुगल शासक के शासनकान में भारत आया था ?

144222. निम्न में से कौन-सा लेखा-परीक्षण के बारे में सही कथन नहीं हैं ?

144223. For a cylindrical shell, (subject to the thickness of uppermost course being more than the minimum for diaofthe tank in question), the thickness of the courses of shell

144224. Who started the Shaka era?

144225. The conversion of an optically pure isomer (enantiomer) into a mixture of equal amounts of both dextro and levo forms is called as:

144226. The unit of classification is a

144227. The degree of perceived risk varies with

144228. भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक का मुख्यालय कहॉं पर हैं ?

144229. Kirchhoff's 2nd law is consequence of law of conservation of

144230. Bud initiation in shoots in promoted by

144231. How many 74184 BCD-to-binary converters would be required to convert two complete BCD digits to a binary number?

144232. प्रसिद्ध टेनिसपटू कलीम क्लिस्टर्स कोणत्या देशाशी संबंधित आहे?

144233. Where was John Steinbeck born?

144234. The valence electrons of Mg lies in

144235. Which is the highest point in Ohio?

144236. பொருளின் நிலைமம் நேரிடையாக எதனைச் சார்ந்தது?

144237. Which metal is not used as electromagnet?

144238. गोबीचे वाळवंट कोणत्या देशात आढळते?

144239. More than how much percentage of loss of urea should not be during silage fermentation?

144240. कोणत्या दोन राज्यांमध्ये सन २०१० मध्ये पंचायत राजमध्ये महिलांसाठी ५० टक्के आरक्षण लागू करणार आहे?

144241. When positive end of molecule attracts negative end these electrostatic forces are named as

144242. The fluid in which the shearing stress within it is proportional to the velocity gradient across the sheared section, is called a __________ fluid.

144243. Which of the following is not a Public Sector Unit ?

144244. The inverter OR-gate and AND gate are called deeision-making elements because they can recognize some input while disregarding others. A gate recognize a word when its output is

144245. The amount of d.c voltage as compare to Vo is

144246. Which title was given to Queen Victoria in 1876?

144247. What is the qualifying age for a citizen to contest in the elections to the Panchayats? It is not less than

144248. Content of glucose in synovial fluid:

144249. Pick out the wrong statement.

144250. The cash flow which is available to all the investors of the company is classified as

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