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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2858

142901. All of the following were associated with the U.Santiwar movement except

142902. Which of the following statements are correct about exception handling in C#.NET? 1.try blocks cannot be nested. 2.In one function, there can be only one try block. 3.An exception must be caught in the same function in which it is thrown

142903. Lumbini, the birth place of Gautam Buddha, is in

142904. Study of a person who has already contracted the disease is called:

142905. How does dosage compensation in Drosophila occur?

142906. With respect to dating of a bone, a bone more than 100 years old contain -

142907. The encapsulation of somatic embryos can be carried out by

142908. Saka Era was founded by

142909. Harry decides to determine the cohesion of a module by writing a brief statement of its purpose.He finds it has compound statements containing commas or more than one verb. The module probably has

142910. In mammals, Red blood cells are but

142911. The Mexican War

142912. Not a criterion of hepatorenal syndrome:

142913. The example of internal business perspective in balanced scorecard is

142914. इंटरनेट, सोशल मीडिया यांचे व्यसन सोडविण्यासाठी देशातील पहिले क्लिनिक कोठे उघडण्यात आले?

142915. Where was Charles James Napier military resident in 1822-1830?

142916. Acetylcholine is secreted by which layer of retina ?

142917. எறிதலுக்கு கீழ்வருவனவற்றில் இன்றியமையாதது எது?

142918. On the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a_tab stop.

142919. State socialism believes in --

142920. Palghat Gap connects Tamil Nadu with

142921. 2011 च्या जनगणनेच्या आधारे कोणते राज्य भारतात टक्केवारीने सर्वात जास्त शहरी लोकसंख्या असलेले राज्य आहे

142922. Tumorogensis in aging is due to

142923. At 'yield point' of a copper wire:

142924. दिल्ली में कोटला फिरोजशाह दुर्ग का निर्माण किसने करवाया था ?

142925. MCQ The first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine that is fuelled by hydrogen is invented in

142926. भारताच्या निवडणूक आयोगात सध्या (ऑक्टोबर 2012) चा विचार करता निवडणूक आयुक्त म्हणून खालीलपैकी कोणता गट कार्य पाहतोय ?

142927. HAM test is done for -

142928. In the slow start phase of the TCP congestion control algorithm, the size of the congestion window

142929. The stronger the acid, the

142930. अपना गाँव अपना राज, दूर भगाओ विदेशी राज का नारा किसने दिया ?

142931. जाने माने व्यक्तित्व "क्रिस बर्डन (Chris Burden)"का निधन हो गया है , वे थे एक ?

142932. In modified pugh's classification moderate to severe hepatic insufficiency with portal hypertension, what to do -

142933. Two different numbers when divided by the same divisor left remainders of 11 and 21 respectively. And when their sum was divided by the same divisor, the remainder was 4. What was the divisor?( ADP COMPANY)

142934. மழைத்துளிகள் கோள வடிவத்தைப் பெறக் காரணம்?

142935. Corresponding to Nusselt number in heat transfer, the dimensionless group in mass transfer is the __________ number.

142936. The parameters of sensitivity and specificity are used for assessing:

142937. The means of reconciling conflicting customers goals and creates best solutions for customers is considered as

142938. Work done by A in one day is half of the work done by B in one day. Work done by B is half of the work done by C in one day. If C alone can complete the work in 7 days, in how many days can A, B and C together complete the work?

142939. भारताने क्रिकेट विश्वचषक सामन्यात सर्वाधिक 413 धावा कोणत्या संघाविरुध्द खेळताना नोंदवल्या आहेत ?

142940. Polyene antibiotics are

142941. True about intracellular receptor -

142942. When the receding lines are true length, and the projectors are at 45 degrees to the plane of projection, the oblique drawing is called this:

142943. What is the use of a pipe?

142944. கீழ்க்காணும் தொடரில் விடுபட்ட எண்? 1, 9, 25 , 49, ? , 121

142945. Which is Wisconsin’s state bird?

142946. Which type of binding does not occur in Antigen-Antibody binding -

142947. Which of the following milestones develops first?

142948. In a three-phase system, when the loads are perfectly balanced, the neutral current is

142949. When was Calvin Coolidge first sworn in as President of USA?

142950. मुंबई उच्च न्यायालयातील न्यायाधीशांची संख्या __________ आहे ?

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