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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 284

14201. A sinusoidal voltage with a peak-to-peak value of 18 V is applied to an RC low-pass filter. If the reactance at the input frequency is zero, the output voltage is

14202. Which of the following countries did Edward VII visit in 1908?

14203. A virtual ground

14204. Which type of entity represents an actual occurrence of an associated generalized entity?

14205. Not a feature of korsakoff psychosis is -

14206. The strategy employees use to seek for personal enrichment and greater convenience is

14207. Which sense of dog is most highly developed?

14208. There are five boys S, K, M, A and R. S is shorter than K but taller than R. M is the tallest. A is little shorter than K and a little taller than S: If they stand is order of increasing heights, then who is at the second position?

14209. True about relation of epiploic foramen is -

14210. खालीलपैकी कोणता देश G -8 चा सदस्य आहे ?

14211. Which college did Alan Hodgkin attend?

14212. एका संख्येला ३८ ने भागल्यास बाकी २५ उरते ; जर त्या संख्येला १९ ने भागल्यास बाकी किती उरेल ?

14213. A,B, and C can complete a piece of work in 24,6 and 12 days respectively. Working together , they will complete the same work in

14214. छत्तीसगढ़ क्रेडा द्वारा ऊर्जा पार्क की स्थापना की गई है -

14215. हाल ही में सरकारी आंकड़ों के अनुसार, 2015 में कुल खुदरा खाद्य मुद्रास्फीति का स्तर क्या था ?

14216. Lacerated wound looks like incised wound over -

14217. The estrogen production stimulates the

14218. உலக கப்பல் போக்குவரத்தில் இந்தியாவின் பங்கு என்ன?

14219. 17 वर्षांच्या लांबलचक कारकिर्दी नंतर ऑस्ट्रेलियन क्रिकेट संघाचा माजी कर्णधार व महान फलंदाज रिकी पाँटिंग याने अखेर क्रिकेटमधून निवृत्ती जाहीर केली. कोणत्या टोपणनावाने तो क्रिकेट जगतात ओळखला जातो?

14220. Chromatin condensation occurs in ?

14221. Physiological dead space is ?

14222. सिंधु घाटी सभ्यता के लोग लगभग सभी स्थानों पर दुर्ग के अवशेष प्राप्त हुए हैं | निम्नलिखित में से किस स्थान पर दुर्ग का अवशेष नहीं मिला हैं ?

14223. Association of carcinoma gall bladder with gall stones is about -

14224. Hyaline membrane contains

14225. The central govt imposed president rule in which of the following states after its chief minister resigned as his party went into minority after its split with its ally recently?

14226. Mushrooms are classified in which of the following division?

14227. which one of the following spices is a floral bud?

14228. What major mistake did the Allies make in preparing to defend against Germany’s attack on France?

14229. Hepatorenal syndrome type 1 is characterized by -

14230. Sucrose content in the raw juice extracted from sugar cane is about __________ percent.

14231. Primary alcohol is gently heated to produce aldehyde in presence of solution of acidified

14232. Consider different activities related to email.m1:Send an email from a mail client to mail serverm2:Download an email from mailbox server to a mail clientm3:Checking email in a web browserWhich is the applicable level protocol user in each activity?

14233. Old paintings became discolourised due to

14234. A transmission is said to be _____________ if the response of the system is exactreplica of the input signal.

14235. Which of the following statements about energy metabolism is false?

14236. 1803 ம் ஆண்டு அணுக்கொள்கையை வெளியிட்டவர்?

14237. A very important group of compounds which contain amino group and carboxylic group is called

14238. In an isometric sketch of a cube:

14239. The clear sky looks blue because of

14240. In operating a 400 Hz transformer at 50 Hz

14241. Fascism believed in leadership of -

14242. In distillation columns, the number of bubble caps per tray primarily depends upon the

14243. The product (s) of roasting of a sulphide ore is (are)

14244. ఆర్ధిక మంత్రి హోదాలో పార్లమెంట్ లో బడ్జెట్ ను ప్రవేశ పెట్టిన తొలి ప్రధాని ఎవరు ?

14245. Which of the following is not supplied by C8 T1-

14246. Glucose, fructose and galactose are

14247. What is the response time of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)?

14248. सुख महल कहाँ हैँ?

14249. In column switching chromatography

14250. Content of the program counter is added to the address part of the instruction in order toobtain the effective address is called.

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