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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2839

141951. टर्नकी सिस्टम क्या हैं ?

141952. Left sided portal hypertension is best treated by

141953. What day of the week on 31st October, 1984?

141954. Which one of the following Settlements comprised Zamindar as middleman to collect the land revenue?

141955. ३६ च्या पुढील १५ वी विषम संख्या सांगा.

141956. The kurtosis defines the peakness of the curve in the region which is

141957. In chilled shrimp __________ is chiefly responsible for spoilage.

141958. The three-fifths clause of the Constitution stated that

141959. Commonest cause of death in penetrating injury of chest -

141960. B.C.Roy Trophy is associated with

141961. Which name from following will come in the last in a telephone directory?

141962. When was William McKinley born?

141963. A student has a maximum of 720 words from a combination of letters of a word given. The word is

141964. What do crocodiles lack?

141965. अफ्रीका का सबसे सुन्दर बन्दरगाह के रूप मे जाना जाता है?

141966. शिवसमुद्र धबधबा कोणत्या नदीवर आहे?

141967. In this instance, dirty reads are disallowed, while nonrepeatable reads and phantom reads are allowed.

141968. When did James Pritchard die?

141969. भारत में व्यापार करने की अनुमति ईस्ट इण्डिया कम्पनी को सन् 1610 में प्राप्त हुई थी | यह अनुमति तत्कालीन मुगल सम्राट ने दी थी; जिसका नाम थाः

141970. सायलेंट व्हाली प्रकल्प कोणत्या राज्यात आहे .

141971. Plants are killed in winter by frost

141972. Which single phase ac motor will you select for record players and tape recorders ?

141973. किस राज्य ने सैयद मुश्ताक अली T-20 ट्रॉफी 2014-15 जीती है ?

141974. इग्रजी मुळाक्षरे उलट्या क्रमाने लिहिल्‍यास उजवीकडील 15 व्‍या अक्षराच्‍या डावीकडील चौथे अक्षर कोणते.

141975. The rash in measles occurs first in occurs in the ...region -

141976. Which is not a type of data management technology?

141977. The capability of the operating system to enable two or more than two programs to execute simultaneously in a single computer system by using a single processor is………

141978. भारतीय औद्योगिक विकास बँक ...............साली स्वायत्त झाली .

141979. Where did Robert Jemison Van de Graaff die?

141980. प्रदेश का निम्नलिखित मे से कौनसा नेता भारत का राष्ट्रपति बना ?

141981. Which of the following regions is the original habitat of 'Toda Tribe'?

141982. What SQL structure is used to limit column values of a table?

141983. The listing of performance of employees according to specific order from high performer to lower performer is classified as

141984. What is the length of day of Jupiter?

141985. KLM Airlines belongs to -

141986. What is the minimum number of two-input NAND gates used to perform the function of two input OR gate ?

141987. The functions which are performed by cell surface membrane do not include

141988. The ability of an antigen to induce an immune response does not depend on the antigen\'s

141989. The 1st International Sanskrit Conference was held, recently, in which of the following states? Sanskrit scholars from India and eight foreign countries deliberated on methods to revive the glory of the ancient language.

141990. Finger print bureau was first established in --

141991. 'झाडाखाली मुले बसलेली आहेत' या वाक्यातील शब्दयोगी अव्यय कोणते?

141992. Filters with the ________ characteristic are used for filtering pulse waveforms.

141993. Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is:

141994. A 40 year old woman presented with CT scan of head showing an enlarged sella tursica.Neurological and endocrine work up in detail were found to be normal.The most likely diagnosis is -

141995. The forces between the diatomic halogens are

141996. राजस्थान के इस गाँव में पत्थरों से होली खेलना और खून बहाना आज भी शुभ माना जाता है।

141997. राम मनोहर लोहिया यांची खालीलपैकी पुस्तके कोणती? अ. Wheel of History ब. The Arctic Home in the Vedas क. Gita Rahasya ड. Marx, Gandhi and Socialism

141998. ________________ ला पेशींचे ऊर्जा केंद्र म्हणतात.

141999. महाराष्ट्रातील एकूण तालुक्यांची संख्या __________ आहे.

142000. गायीच्या दूधाला जरासा पिवळेपणा कशामूळे असतो

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