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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2815

140751. வாகனங்களில் பின்புறத்தை காணப் பயன்படும் ஆடி?

140752. ASD patient with murmur similar to MR and left axis deviation of 40 degrees is having ?

140753. நமது உடல் உள்ளுறுப்புகளில் மிகவும் பெரியது?

140754. What did John Northrop crystallize?

140755. நகங்கள் .................... ஆல் உருவாகிறது?

140756. Fire curing is followed in -

140757. डॉ. हरि सिंह गौड़ ने सन् 1899 के किस अधिवेशन में भाग लिया था ?

140758. म्यानमारच्या समाजजीवनावर कोणत्या धर्माचा प्रभाव आहे ? 

140759. When did Thomas Cranmer die?

140760. A 27yrs male presented with retroperitoneal,necrotic,heterogenous enhancing mass on CT near the hilum of the left kidney.Most possible diagnosis is-

140761. Marlet's sign is seen in -

140762. 5 मी.लांबी व 3 मी.रुंद अशा खोलीच्या जमिनीवर 25*25 से.मी मापाच्या किती फरश्या बसतील.

140763. The cell that is concerned with excretion and osmoregulation is

140764. Drug administration to increase diagnostic accuracy of HIDA scan in neonatal jaundice is ?

140765. A child aged 3 yrs,presented with severe sensorineural deafness was prescribed hearing aids,but showed no improvement.What is the next line of management:

140766. What feature enables you to adjust or back solve the value in a cell to reach a desired outcome in a formula?

140767. Which of the following are responsible for immune specificity?

140768. இயற்கையில் திட, திரவ மற்றும் வாயு ஆகிய மூன்று நிலைகளிலும் காணப்படும் ஒரே பொருள் எது?

140769. "मिलिन्द पनहो" क्या है ?

140770. Cherry red spot is seen in all except:

140771. இந்தியாவின் மிக நீளமான ரயில் நிலையம் எங்கு உள்ளது?

140772. A 34yrs male with painful opthalmoplegia, cavernous sinus dilatation: Possible diagnosis is-

140773. खालीलपैकी कोणता मासा गोड्यापाण्याच्या मत्स्य शेतीत महत्वाचा आहे?

140774. मीना एक कार्य का 3/4 भाग 12 दिनों में कर सकती है| टीना मीना से दुगुनी कुशल है | तो टीना उस काम को कितने दिनों में करेगी ?

140775. Algae which serves as a " complete whole food" and contain all essential amino acids in perfect balance is known as super

140776. Which of the following is a non-catecholamine sympathomimetic drug?

140777. Who among the following was given the title of 'Shaikh-ul-Hind'?

140778. छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य की कितनी प्रतिशत जनसंख्या ग्रामीण क्षेत्र निवास करती है ?

140779. Which of the following statements are correct about constructors in C#.NET? 1.Constructors cannot be overloaded. 2.Constructors always have the name same as the name of the class. 3.Constructors are never called explicitly. 4.Con

140780. The most important comptitor to the Indian jute industry is

140781. Which of the following copper alloys is used for the manufacture of caps of cartridges?

140782. Glomerulonephritis associated with sensory neural deafness are feature of -

140783. Plasma to maintain its electrical properties contains

140784. Who among the following Urdu poets was invited to the Second and Third Round Table Conference?

140785. The triple alliance against Tipu was formed by Cornwallis consisted of the following —

140786. The most common pre-malignant condition of oral carcinoma is

140787. Maximum resistance is offered by-

140788. The performance appraisal measurement method by which the behavior of employees are assessed instead of all other characteristics is classified as

140789. __________ of air does iiot increase with increase in temperature.

140790. ओरल, अॅनल, ल्ॉटन्सी, फॅलिक व जेनिटल ही विकासाच्या अवस्थांची नावे देणारा शास्त्रज्ञ कोण

140791. When mutations involve vital functions so that the mutants are nonviable, it is a

140792. झारखण्ड का सबसे कन लिंगानुपात वाला जिला कौन-सा हैं ?

140793. A 5-bit asynchronous binary counter is made up of five flip-flops, each with a 12 ns propagation delay. The total propagation delay (tp(tot)) is ________.

140794. The Congress and Muslim League had most cordial relationships in between which among the following years?

140795. വളരെ ആഴത്തില്‍ വിതച്ച വിത്ത് മുളയ്ക്കുന്നില്ല. കാരണം? [Valare aazhatthil‍ vithaccha vitthu mulaykkunnilla. Kaaranam? ]

140796. When did Arthur Ashe die?

140797. This type of surface is tipped to all principal planes of projection and does not appear true size in any standard view:

140798. L.B.W. என்பது ........................ இன் சுருக்கம்?

140799. Which of the following organizations/ agencies is providing a US $ 850 million loan to India for the development of its infrastructure and Khadi industry ?

140800. Three 15 mH inductors are in series. The total inductance is

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