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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2796

139801. Nalgonda technique for defluridation is in what sequence ?

139802. Treatment of choice for non-united fracture of lower 1/4th tibia with multiple discharging sinuses and various puckered scar with 4cm shortening of leg -

139803. பின்வரும் எண்கள் தொடர்வரிசையில் பொருந்தாத எண்ணை தேர்ந்தெடு? 1, 144, 16, 25, 49, 81, 121, 36, 62

139804. One important application of a state-variable ________ filter with a summing amplifier is to minimize the 60 Hz "hum" in audio systems.

139805. யூரிகாகரின் முதன்முதலில் விண்வெளிக்கு சென்ற ஆண்டு?

139806. When did Rudolf Abel join GPU?

139807. கீழ்வரும் அமிலங்களில் எது சிவப்பு ஏறும்பின் கொடுக்கில் உள்ளது?

139808. बिहार में प्राकृत एवं जैनशास्त्र शोध संस्थान स्थित है ?

139809. दिल्ली में राज्य सभा सदस्यों की संख्या कितनी हैं ?

139810. FORTRAN programming language is more suitable for____

139811. Where did Charles Lindbergh learn flying?

139812. Selenium deficiency leads to

139813. Which of the following is not a speed measuring instrument ?

139814. Which Carbon atom number is not part of the ring in C6H12O6

139815. राष्ट्रीय राजमार्गो की देख-रेख की जिम्मेदारी किसके अधीन है ?

139816. The secretion produced by the salivary gland is poured into

139817. A 4 year old child can perform one of the following -

139818. Which one of the following Articles of the constitution prohibit censorship?

139819. Who among the following has been awarded the top award of 2014 ICC Cricketer of the Year for the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy ?

139820. What is the average temperature of cow and buffalo ?

139821. Which of the following measurements can be made by the measurement of emf ?

139822. Which of the following communities is 'not' notified as a 'minority community' by the ministry of Welfare, Government of India?

139823. Regarding reberathing prevention valve, incorrect is -


139825. Between melting temperature and clearing temperature state exist is called

139826. Current Accounts can be freely opened by ………… Find the incorrect answer.

139827. जागतिक मूत्रपिंड दिन (World Kidney Day) कधी साजरा केला जातो?

139828. An electric iron is rated at 1000 W. The amount of heat generated in 15 minutes is equal to

139829. The gas that usually causes explosion in coal mines is

139830. महाराष्ट्र दख्खन पठाराची पूर्व-पश्चिम लांबी _________कि.मी.आहे.

139831. १८९० मध्ये पहिली औद्दोगिक परिषद कोठे भरली ?

139832. Which function extracts the name of the month from a date/time value?

139833. Diagnosis of beta Thalassemia established by:

139834. Pseudo-steady state in a continuous reactor refers to a reactor in which

139835. The order of activation after stimulation of Purkinje fibres is:

139836. Dative covalent bond is found in

139837. नेशनल काऊन्सिल ऑफ एजुकेशन की स्थापना कब हुई ?

139838. The enclosing of eukaryotes and prokaryotes is composed of

139839. Which of the following extraocular muscle is not supplied by occulomotor nerve ?

139840. Nagda is well known as a centre of production of:

139841. A 16 year old boy presents with acute onset pain in the left testis.The following statements about his management is true except -

139842. किसी राज्य के राज्यपाल द्वारा नियुक्त किया जाता ह ?

139843. With increase in the discounted cash flow rate of return, the ratio of the total present value to the initial investment of a given project

139844. गेल्या आठवड्यात ऑस्कर निमेयर यांचे ब्राझिलमध्ये रिओ दि जनेरो येथे वयाच्या 104 व्या वर्षी निधन झाले. ते कोणत्या क्षेत्राशी संबंधित होते ?

139845. Consider the following statements and identify the author of the statements using the code given below: "I shall work for an India in which the poorest shall feel that it is their country, in whose making they have an effective voice, an India in which there shall be no high class and low class of people, an India in which all communities shall live in perfect harmony."

139846. The organisms retained in the fluids filtered by Seitz filter is

139847. The true discount on a bill due 9 months hence at 16% per annum is Rs. 189. The amount of the bill is:

139848. பின் வருவனவற்றுள் எது கன ஹைட்ரஜன் எனப்படும்?

139849. To prove charle's law temperature is taken in

139850. प्रकाश-सश्लेषण मे कार्बेन के स्बागीकरण के पाथवे के प्रतिचित्रण करने पर किसे 1961 मे नोबेल पुरुस्कार मिला ?

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