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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2762

138101. हाल ही में , किसे नेशनल बुक ट्रस्ट के अध्यक्ष के रुप मे नियुक्त किया गया है ?

138102. The SI unit of Power is

138103. इनमे से कौन "मिश्र धातु निगम लिमिटेड" के मुख्य प्रबंध निदेशक के रूप में चुने गये है ?

138104. The size of prokaryotes is

138105. 2012 चे रसायनशास्त्रातील नोबेल पारितोषिक कोणत्या संशोधनासाठी दिले गेले ?

138106. The speaker of the Lok Sabha -

138107. A girl child with fever, cough, dysponea with X-ray showing right lower lobe patchy consolidation, for which treatment was given.After 8 weeks symptoms improved but X-ray showed more dense consolidation involving the whole of the right lower lobe.What is the next best line of investigation ?

138108. Species of Mimosaceae which help breaking the wind pressure are

138109. What is the value displayed when the following is executed? Assume that the code was executed using the following URL: testscript.php?c=25

138110. The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay ?

138111. लॉर्ड डलहौसीने खालसा केलेल्या भारतीय राज्यांपैकी खालसा केलेले शेवटचे राज्य कोणते ?

138112. Engyme is a -

138113. झारखण्ड के किस जिले में घना वनावरण वाला जिला हैं ?

138114. The ion of elements which are good catalyst and have ability to change their oxidation number are

138115. Which of the following is not a feature of multiple mycloma ?

138116. G-20 देशांच्या राष्ट्रप्रमुखांची बैठक 18-19 जून 2012 ला कोठे पार पडली ?

138117. Which of the following growth regulator is used to stimulate embryo or shoot development?

138118. Helium is generally preferred as carrier gas over nitrogen and hydrogen because

138119. The paid dividend is $20 and the dividend yield is 40% then the current price is

138120. Pitch (a product of coal tar distillation) is always mixed with creosote oil, when it is to be burnt in a burner, because

138121. A preterm baby with Patent ductus arteriosus all are true Except:

138122. Where did Gregor Mendel die?

138123. हरियाणा राज्य में सर्वाधिक क्षेत्र में किस फूल की खेती की जाती है ?

138124. वैश्विक पवन ऊर्जा परिषदेच्या आकडेवारीनुसार पवन ऊर्जा निर्मितीमध्ये भारताचा कितवा क्रमांक लागतो?

138125. Which article of the Constitution of India is related to the establishment and constitution of Supreme Court?

138126. Which of the following assemblies can be stored in Global Assembly Cache?

138127. The first step in validating a test is to

138128. Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?

138129. Which of the following is most elastic?

138130. Both sun and Earth are

138131. In a patient gouty arthritis best investigation to detect is -

138132. इनमे से कौनसी कंपनी कोडली(गोवा) स्थित अपनी सबसे बड़ी लौह अयस्क की खान पर फिर से परिचालन शुरू करेगी ?

138133. झारखण्ड का न्यूनतम अनुसूचित जनजाति प्रतिशत वाला जिला है -

138134. When did George V become king of UK?

138135. Malignant otitis externa, TRUE is -

138136. Suppose that 3% of births give rise to twins. What percentage of the newly born population is a twin?( ADP COMPANY)

138137. The component of fallots tetralogy are -

138138. Which of the following is true of body iron stores ?

138139. Which hurricane/superstorm devastated USA a few days before USA Presidential Election 2012?

138140. Thymine dimers are directly repaired with the help of visible light by process known as

138141. Indravati is a tributary of which river?

138142. पहली बार किसी भी राज्य मे राष्ट्रपति शासन कब लागू किया गया ?

138143. Suppose that you would like to create an instance of a new Map that has an iteration order that is the same as the iteration order of an existing instance of a Map. Which concrete implementation of the Map interface should be used for the new instanc

138144. कुछ अणु बिना ऊर्जा की आवश्यकता के जीवद्रव्य झिल्ली होकर आते हैै इसे क्या कहते हैै ?

138145. The marketer who finds a stated need and fulfills it with the best market offering is classified as

138146. Best confirmatory serological test for syphilis is ?

138147. Which of the following criticisms of Jefferson was the Federalist campaign of 1800 centered on?

138148. How many teeth are in tiger’s jaw?

138149. 50% और 10% का समतुल्य बट्टा क्या होगा ?

138150. Which of the following does NOT occur during the power-on self-test (POST)?

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