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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2714

135701. The stage in buying behavior which follows suppliers selection and discuss final specification of raw materials is classified as

135702. The commonest site of surgical uretero-vaginal fistula is -

135703. An interface that provides I/O transfer of data directly to and form the memory unit andperipheral is termed as

135704. HIV detection in a year old is done by ?

135705. दोन संखा अनुक्रमे 3 x व 5 x असून त्‍यांच्‍यातील फरक 18 आहे तर त्‍या संख्‍याचा लसावी किती.

135706. The one molecule of water contains oxygen atoms which are

135707. The Scheme "Ladli" launched by the Government of India relates to the welfare of

135708. The work done on an object to bring it to certain point in space is called

135709. When was Oliver Sacks born?

135710. தேனீ வளர்த்தல் என்பது?

135711. Which of the following statement about carcinogenesis is false ?

135712. Pontine Stroke is associated with all except:

135713. HIV in children, characteristic finding is -

135714. The hormone associated with cold adaption is -

135715. In performing open circuit test of a transformer

135716. The toxin of Staphylococcus aureus that may result into scalded skin syndrome is

135717. कोणत्या देशाने 'गुगल कर' आकारण्यास सुरुवात केली आहे ?

135718. किसी महीने में 3 दिन बाद 4 तारीख को शनिवार आता है | उसी महीने की 27 तारीख को कौन -सा दिन होगा ?

135719. On which religious group did the Diem regime crack down severely?

135720. भागीरथी एवं मन्दाकिनी नदियों का संगम किस स्थान में होता है?

135721. Which one of the common side effects is seen with fentanyl ?

135722. The State in India having dry season for only 3 to 4 months every year is

135723. Which type of programming is typically used for digital signal processors?

135724. Tophi in gout are found in all regions except -

135725. Emotion is controlled by -

135726. Which of the following is not true of ameloblastoma

135727. About direct standardization all are true except:

135728. Electromagnetic waves obey the law of

135729. Crystal violet blood agar is a selective medium for

135730. The highest incidence of Gestational Trophoblastic disease is in:

135731. प्रदेश के सारनाथ (वाराणसी) नामक स्थान पर किस सम्राट का अति महत्वपूर्ण स्तम्भ लेख स्थित है?

135732. हरियाणा में कौन-सा लोकनृत्य मुख्य रूप से शादी के अवसरों पर किया जाता हैं ?

135733. Such a solution which can hold no more a of a solute is termed as

135734. १९१७ मध्ये ........ हा भारतमंत्री होता.

135735. Which Rock Edict of Asoka provides a description of the horrors of Kalinga War?

135736. खालीलपैकी कोणत्या उद्योगास मुलभूत उद्योग म्हणता येईल ?

135737. निम्न में से कौन सी दस्तकारी आर्यों द्वारा व्यवहार में नहीं लाई जाती थी?

135738. All are seen in neurofibromatosis except -

135739. We must have obeyed our teachers.

135740. दूरध्वनी कर्ण श्रवणीचे (Telephone receiver) कार्य विद्युत धारेचा __________ परिणाम या तत्वानुसार चालते.

135741. Where was the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in 1944?

135742. MCQ The Africa continent shares its west boundary with

135743. In the initial step of photosynthesis, sunlight energizes the electron pair of

135744. National Development Council consists?

135745. 32 सें.मी. तारेचा एक चौरस तयार केला. त्‍या चौरसाच्‍या बाजु पेक्षा 7 से.मी ने जास्‍त लांबी असलेल्‍या. व त्‍या चौरसाच्‍या बाजुपेक्षा 7 से.मी. ने कमी रुंदी असलेल्‍या चौरसाचे क्षेत्राफळ किती.

135746. ____________ bits equal one byte.

135747. The ribosomes are composed of

135748. The hormone that controls release of thyrotrophin releasing factor from hypothalamus is

135749. Which state has the largest number of seats reserved for schedule tribes in Lok Sabha

135750. Kleptomania means:

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