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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2679

133951. What was Labour Prime Minister James MacDonald's response to the declining economy at the beginning of the depression?

133952. How much usable space is available, when a Linux system is configured with a RAID 5 array that consists of six 20 GB hard disk drives?

133953. Ina pregnant female, there is decreased requirement of the spinal anaesthetic agent because of all of the following except -

133954. In group of periodic table the ionization energy is

133955. Dying back neuropathy is found in A/E

133956. निर्भया कोष किस के लिए शुरू किया गया है?

133957. Triplex DNA is due to

133958. When a magnet is in motion relative to a coil the induced e.m.f. does not depend upon

133959. भारताच्या कोणत्या व्हाइसरॉयने पोर्ट ब्लेयरची स्थापना केली होती?

133960. The amplitude of modulated wave is in phase with

133961. A patient presents with carcinoma of the larynx involving the left false cords, left arytenoid and the left aryepiglottic folds with bilateral mobile true cords.Treatment of choice is -

133962. In india there is a single constitution for the union and the states with the exception of

133963. The coupon rate of the bond is also called

133964. Reflex actions includes

133965. Bitter almond smell found in poisoning due to -

133966. As we all know, lot of people from underdeveloped states migrate to various progressive states as agricultural labour. What are the major problems of agriculture in India owing to which people have to leave their own land and work as labourer on somebody else’s farm/land ? Lack of irrigation facilities, low productivity of land and uncertain monsoon. Non-availability of fertilizers, etc. on subsidized rates. Single crop cultivation.

133967. The operating profit held with the firm after deducting the cost of capital is classified as

133968. Who is the author of the book 'The Rights of Man'?

133969. राजमहल ट्रैप का सृजन किस काल में हुआ था ?

133970. லென்சுகளும், முப்பட்டகங்களும் தயாரிக்க உதவுவது?

133971. Lion is kept under in Etolian pyramid as

133972. C is the symbol for

133973. How many numbers divisible by 8 are there between 900 and 1700?

133974. हाल ही में,"किंग अब्दुल्ला बिन अब्दुलअजीज" का निधन हो गया है । वह किस देश के सत्तारूढ़ सम्राट थे ?

133975. निम्न मे से कौन सुमेलित नही है?

133976. The 'break-even point' is where

133977. ग्रामसभेचे सदस्य हे असतात......

133978. Aspirin prolongs bleeding by inhibiting the synthesis of which of the following ?

133979. All are false for ionized drugs except:

133980. You have seen a patient in emergency and you are suspecting a strangulated indirect inguinal hernia;the first thing you will do:

133981. निम्नलिखित में से कौनसी कृति राजा भोज की हैं ?

133982. Rahul covers 1/4th of his journey at 25 km/hr, 1/5th of his journey at 12 km/hr and the remaining distance at 15 km/hr. If he takes 19 hours in all, what is the total distance traveled by Rahul?

133983. पृथ्वी के चन्द्र विमुखी भाग मे ज्वार उत्पन्न होने का क्या कारण है ?

133984. The sphericity of a cylinder of 1 mm diameter and length 3 mm is

133985. संविधान के किस भाग मे पंचायती राज स्थापित करने के निर्देश है ?

133986. Kawasaki's disease has the following features except -

133987. Post-sales activities include ________

133988. ഇന്ത്യയില്‍ കാര്‍ഷിക സമഗ്രവികസനം ലക്ഷ്യമാക്കി സ്ഥാപിച്ച ബാങ്കാണ് [Inthyayil‍ kaar‍shika samagravikasanam lakshyamaakki sthaapiccha baankaanu ]

133989. दिलवाड़ा जैन मन्दिरों का संबंध किस राज्य से हैं ?

133990. Study the following names and mark your answer as who were the contemporaries of Kanishka? I. Asvaghosh II. Vasumitra III. Kalidasa IV. Kambar

133991. You want a class to have access to members of another class in the same package. Which is the most restrictive access that accomplishes this objective?

133992. Nitroglycerin has long been administered to human patients suffering from chronic chest pain (angina). This medication works because it

133993. Nobel prize in the field of medicine for the year 1998 was awarded to for the detection of molecular structure of -

133994. Use of icons and windows are characteristics of .. interface

133995. No entrance and way out obstacle creates it exceptionally simple to enter or exit a

133996. What are the various disadvantages of cross protection?

133997. जो लोग 4200m की ऊचाई पर होते है उनके RBCs मे कितने प्रतिशत की वृद्धि हो जाती है ?

133998. If the linear momentum of a particle is doubled, then its kinetic energy will be

133999. ஒரு நிமிடத்திற்கு மனிதனின் நுரையீரல் சுருங்கி விரியும் எண்ணிக்கை?

134000. नागरिकांना आपल्या हक्कांचे संरक्षण करण्यासाठी न्यायालयाकडे किती प्रकारचे अर्ज करता येतात ?

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