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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2627

131351. Reaction of orthophosphoric acid with soda ash produces

131352. In sympathetic ophthalmitis first sign in -

131353. Which is the saturated fatty acid of the following -

131354. Power Point can display data from which of the following add-in software of MS Office?

131355. Wrought iron is a suitable material of construction for handling __________ solutions.

131356. What does the selectivity factor describe?

131357. इनमे से किसे रोजगार सृजन से संबंधित मुद्दों का समाधान करने के लिए नीति आयोग द्वारा गठित विशेषज्ञ समिति के अध्यक्ष के रूप में नियुक्त किया गया है ?

131358. There should be a visible gap between the wall and the ________ line.

131359. भारत के किस शहर में हाल ही में मेट्रो सुविधा शुरू हुई है |

131360. Deficiency of vitamin A in infants can be infected with

131361. Scab or crust of abrasion appears brown:

131362. कृत्रिम उपग्रह सोडणारा जगातील पहिला देश कोणता ?

131363. Which of the following below are true functionalities of shell?

131364. The expected dividend yield is added into expected growth rate to calculate

131365. What is occurring when two or more sources of data attempt to use the same bus?

131366. Soap bubble appearance is found in:

131367. When was Thomas Wolsey consecrated a bishop?

131368. Who appoints the Municipal Commissioner of the Municipalities?

131369. The most common type of Supracondylar fracture is

131370. An estimate measurement of a chromosome in close circle of Escherichia Coli is

131371. How does the voltage induced upon two equal coils, one made of copper and one made of rubber, differ?

131372. देश का पहला कोयला आधारित बिजलीघर कहा पर है?

131373. A technique used to obtain information from person orally and directly is called

131374. The tests used in employee selection which measures the abilities such as mathematical reasoning, thinking and verbal ability are classified as

131375. चक्रवर्ती राजगोपालाचारिनी स्वत:हून मध्यस्थाची भूमिका स्वीकारून मुस्लीम लीग व कॉंग्रेस यांच्याशी चर्चा करून...........मध्ये राजगोपालाचारी योजना तयार केली.

131376. Decibel unit is used to measure-

131377. The type of questions included in questionnaire to record responses in which the respondent can answer in any way are classified as

131378. சர்க்கரை உற்பத்தியில் முதலாவதாக உள்ள மாநிலம்?

131379. चार्ल्सस विल्किन्स याने भाग्वातगीतेच्या केलेल्या अनुवादाला ........ या गव्हर्नर जनरलने प्रस्तावना लिहिली.

131380. Thermosetting materials

131381. Self pollination is not possible in

131382. કેન્દ્ર સરકાર કે રાજય સરકાર પોતાના સભાગૃહના વધારેમાં વધારે કેટલા ટકા પ્રધાન (મિનીસ્ટર) રાખી શકે છે ?

131383. In order to burn, a hydrocarbon needs a

131384. சிரிப்பூட்டும் வாயு என அழைக்கப்படுவது?

131385. Rest mass of x-ray photon is

131386. Mycoplasmas are different from the other prokaryotes by

131387. The Mountbatten Plan became the basis for -

131388. इनमे से किस बीसीसीआई के नव नियुक्त सलाहकार पैनल में किस भारतीय क्रिकेटर को शामिल नहीं किया गया है ?

131389. The products of urea cycle are

131390. Which chemical was an important symbol in our struggle for freedom?

131391. The nuclear plant disaster in Chernobyl took place in -

131392. जास्त चोथा असलेले अन्नघटक पुढीलपैकी कोणते?

131393. MCQ The planet which is known as Earth's sister planet is

131394. खालीलपौकी भाषिक आधारावर निर्मिती झालेले पहिले राज्य कोणते.

131395. If we place a piece of copper and a piece of iron, will they the thermal energy be transferred in both at a same rate?

131396. A basic ________ amplifier is formed by three op-amps and seven resistors.

131397. ஹோம் ரூல் இயக்கத்தை தொடங்கியவர்?

131398. Many critics have accused James KPolk of starting the Mexican War in order to

131399. Only one particular optical isomer of amino acids are used in our body to make

131400. Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution ?

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