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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2617

130851. Severity of disease is assessed by -

130852. MCQ The Universal Postal Union was established in

130853. Which is the capital of Illinois?

130854. 'ब१' जीवनसत्त्वास _____________ असेही म्हणतात.

130855. Therapeutic index is a measure of a drug's:

130856. 1956 च्या राज्य पुनर्रचना कायद्यानुसार सर्वप्रथम .. . . .भाषिक प्रदेश आंध्रप्रदेशास जोडण्यात आला.

130857. Delusions are seen in all of the following,Except:

130858. What was the code name for the Allied invasion of Europe?

130859. Strategies for prevention of Neonatal Tetanus include all of the following except:

130860. Peptides in the fully extended chain conformation

130861. The wavelength of x-rays is in range

130862. Lancefield classification based on -

130863. தமிழகத்தில் நிலக்கடலை சாகுபடியின் பரப்பளவு?

130864. Find correct sequence of sentences : P: play in New Jersey. Q: other "New York" teams, the Jets and Giants, R: in the state of New York as both S: They are the only team to play

130865. High pressure fluid in a shell and tube heat exchanger should preferably be routed through the

130866. According to IS classification, the range of silt size particles is

130867. हिमाचल प्रदेश का राजकीय पशु कौन-सा है ?

130868. பின்வருவனற்றுள் எது நீர் நீக்கும் பொருளாக பயன்படும்?

130869. Why did Iltutmish obtain investiture from Khalifa?

130870. Traveller\'s diarrhea is caused by

130871. The term of Member of the Rajya Sabha is:

130872. Name the Basket player who Became Youngest Player in the History of NBA to Reach 30000 Career Pints _____

130873. Urogenital Diaphragm is made up of the following,Except.

130874. कुड़क, मुरकी, ओगन्या, टोटी व गुड़दा, शरीर के किस भाग में पहने जाने वाले गहने हैं?

130875. The valency of Phosphate ion PO4 is

130876. पुष्कर तलाव ' भारतातील कोणत्या शहरात आहे ?

130877. Short bowel syndrome after extensive resection of intestine is mostly due to -

130878. Which state is called the 'Cradle of Buddhism?

130879. Human development index includes A/E:

130880. All of the following form the floor of third ventricle,Except

130881. If an object undergoes a uniform circular motion, then its

130882. १९९१ च्या औद्योगिक धोरणाने सार्वजनिक क्षेत्रासाठी राखीव ठेवलेल्या उद्योगात खालीलपैकी कोणत्या उद्योगाचा समावेश करता येणार नाही ?

130883. Both a and b

130884. The power to decide an election petition is vested in the ?

130885. Most common change in fibroid is:

130886. प्रदेश की कितनी प्रतिशत जनसंख्या कृषि पर निर्भर है ?

130887. स्थानीय स्वशासन को प्रांतीय विषय घोषित किस अधिनियम के तहत किया गया था ?

130888. Antonym of QUIESCENT

130889. The conflict that can occur between two marketing channels operating at different levels is classified as

130890. निम्न में से कौन-सा राज्य बिहार राज्य के पूर्वी क्षेत्र में स्थित है ?

130891. You can use the format painter multiple times before you turn it off by

130892. The maximum permissible period between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly is

130893. विश्व में सर्वाधिक आबादी वाला नगर कौनसा हैं ?

130894. அணு எண் என்பது அணுவின் ................. எண்ணிக்கையை குறிக்கும்

130895. Which one of the following is most associated with a high reticulocyte count ?

130896. बहिर्वक्र भिंगाचा वापर करून _____________ हा दोष दूर केला जातो.

130897. In what capacity did Thomas Cromwell officiate in the Church of England?

130898. अमेरिकेचे उपराष्ट्राध्यक्ष _____________ 22 जुलै 2013 पासून तीन दिवसांच्या भारत भेटीवर आले होते .

130899. 'राष्ट्रीय अन्न बँकींग जाळे' (India National Food Banking Network [IFBN]) अंतर्गत भारतातील पहिली अन्न बँक (Food Bank) कोठे आकारात येत आहे?

130900. Commonly employed water insoluble supports for the covalent attachment of enzyme include

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