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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2613

130651. At the lower or upper cutoff frequency, the voltage gain is

130652. When was Nathaniel Hawthorne born?

130653. राजस्थानी भाषा की प्रमुख शैलियाँ हैं -

130654. Total amount of thyroxin(T4)hormone secreted per day is:

130655. The unit vector in the direction of vector F = 6i + 5j is

130656. Oxidative deamination is the conversion of an amino

130657. Who among the following was not the president of India?

130658. The flexible budget amount is $21500 and fixed overhead flexible budget variance is $10000 then actual incurred cost is

130659. भारतातून चहाची सर्वाधिक आयात कोणता देश करतो ?

130660. Which of the following structure is present in prokaryotic cells?

130661. Goa, Daman and Diu, Portuguese enclaves in India, became a part of Indian territory in the year

130662. In SI unit of magnetic induction is

130663. Vapor phase reaction of ammonia & nitric acid to produce ammonium nitrate is termed as the __________ process.

130664. ஓசோன் படலம் ....................ல் இருந்து நம்மை காப்பற்றுகிறது?

130665. The example of a polar gas is

130666. ग्रामीण नागरिकों को सशक्त बनाने के लिए सरकार द्वारा स्वास्थ्य देखभाल के लिए भारत में प्रारंभ की गयी अद्वितीय पहल का क्या नाम है ?

130667. जीवित बिभेदित कोशिकाऍ कुछ खास परिस्थितियो मे विभाजन की क्षमता पुनःप्राप्त कर सकता है | इसे क्या कहते है ?

130668. The oceans cover approximately ...... of the earth's surface.

130669. Apple fruit is a -

130670. लखनो हे शहर कोणत्या नदीच्या काठी वसलेले आहे?

130671. Which of the following terms is used in the game of Badminton?

130672. Which of the following countries are included in Scandinavia? 1. Denmark 2. Iceland 3. Norway 4. Sweden Select the correct answer from the codes given below- Codes:

130673. True about nervous system involvement in SLE is following except -

130674. Filler material used in welding should have __________ as compared to the parent metal to be welded.

130675. All the following are Cardiac poisons except

130676. MCQ In march equinox, the beginning of spring season was marked on

130677. Which is the most important surface active disinfectants?

130678. Bar eye character of Drosophila is due to

130679. The number of bacteria and its kinds vary with respect to the changes in locality and

130680. The selection of the front view in executing a multiview drawing of an object is dependent upon the following factors:

130681. The Pashmina variety of wool is obtained from

130682. पशु पर्व से संबंध रखने वाली चित्रकारी है -

130683. Hemolysis is most severe with Plasmodium falciparum infection compared to other malarial parasites because of -

130684. With which one of the following sports is Nicolas Anelka associated ?

130685. The four largest planets of the Solar System in decreasing sizes are

130686. निम्नलिखित मे से कौनसी ठंडी जलधारा नही है?

130687. The connection between your computer at home and your local ISP is called -

130688. Which of the following is a direct tax?

130689. A Compiler is_

130690. Which form of silica has the highest specific gravity ?

130691. Which is not an external command?

130692. Toda is breed of -

130693. Which magazine criticized Endymion written by John Keats as nonsense?

130694. In a group of periodic table the nuclear charge

130695. If a 24 V and a 6 V battery are series opposing, the total voltage is

130696. National immunization programme, all are involved except -

130697. 43, 91, 183 ஆகிய எண்களை எந்த மிகப்பெரிய எண்ணால் வகுக்கும் பொழுது மீதி சமமாக கிடைக்கும்?

130698. 'मराठा '' या वृत्तपत्राचे संपादक कोण होते ?

130699. You have to allocate the addresses to to eth1. You have to edit:

130700. सन 1888 पासून जोतिबा फुले हे "महात्मा" म्हणून का ओळखले जाऊ लागले

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