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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2599

129951. The three laboratories of International Atomic Energy Agency are located in

129952. Chemotaxis is a phenomenon of

129953. Which of the following is not an assisted reproductive technology(ART) ?

129954. झारखण्ड की प्रथम हिन्दी मासिक पत्रिका -

129955. Find correct sequence of sentences : 1. In-spite of an unprecedented boom in the market P: and had to remain content Q: the paper dealer could not R: push up his sales S: with the volume of sale lower than 6: what he had sold the previous year.

129956. The manager have line or staff authority is determined by

129957. The Supreme Court’s ruling in the 1873 Slaughterhouse Cases weakened blacks’ rights under the

129958. A 12 V battery is connected across a series combination of 68 ohm , 47 ohm , 220 ohm , and 33 ohm . The amount of current is

129959. In TCA cycle of tricarboxylic acid,which is first formed

129960. मध्यप्रदेश का सबसे बड़ा कोयला क्षेत्र हैं ?

129961. This is the total amount that the feature on the actual part is allowed to vary from what is specified by the dimension:

129962. A patient presents with diplopia with limitation of adduction in the left eye and abducting saccades in the right eye. Convergence is preserved. Most likely etiology is

129963. The summing outputs of a half- or full-adder are designated by which Greek symbol?

129964. What is the reading of a fully charged lead-acid battery?

129965. __________ produce zygospores.

129966. A DBMS that combines a DBMS and an application generator is ________.

129967. The product (s) of roasting of a sulphide ore is (are)

129968. You copy a configuration from a network host to a router\'s RAM. The configuration looks correct, yet it is not working at all. What could the problem be?

129969. When did Robert Cecil die?

129970. If the weight of a falling tennis ball is 1.0 N and drag force acting on it is 0.2 N then the resultant force is

129971. The number of atoms of each element in a particular compound is represented through

129972. Which state is to the north of Arkansas?

129973. M10 index of coke indicates its

129974. The tissue of origin of the kaposi's sarcoma is -

129975. मध्यमपदलोपी समास असलेला शब्द कोणता ?

129976. किस मुगल सम्राट को "अर्श-आशियानी( स्वर्ग में रहने वाला ) कहां गया हैं ?

129977. Biosphere Reserve Project' is aimed at protecting

129978. Which play did Oliver Goldsmith write in 1773?

129979. In India, the first case of AIDS disease in human being was found/ traced-out in the year -

129980. DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics Research Centre is situated at -

129981. हैद्राबाद शहर ..........नदीच्या काठी वसले आहे .

129982. 104 वी घटना दुरुस्तीविधेयक _________ शी संबंधित आहे.

129983. தேசிய கொடியின் நீள அகல விகிதாச்சாரம்

129984. Which of the following groups made up the majority of the earliest settlers in the West?

129985. Which one is not a port on the east coast?

129986. Which of the following was one reason the border states were so important to the Union?

129987. विक्टोरिया प्रांत की राजधानी है ?

129988. The moment about mean which is indication of flatness of frequency curve is classified as

129989. The cash outflows are the costs of project and are represented by

129990. MCQ The Rotary Printing Press was invented by Richard Hoe in

129991. पाण्याची घनता. ............... ला उच्चतम असते.

129992. The final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is

129993. The original enzyme(s) used in PCR reaction is/are known as

129994. फराक्का प्रकल्प कोणत्या दोन देशांच्या दरम्यान राबविण्याची योजना आहे .

129995. 2sinαcosβ =

129996. 35 लीटर मिश्रण में दूध व पानी का अनुपात4:3 है| इसमें कितना लीटर दूध और ड़ाला जाए ताकि मिश्रण में दूध व पानी का अनुपात 2:1 हो जाए ?

129997. बैरोमीटर के अविष्कारक कौन था?

129998. User views are included as part of which schema?

129999. The FADH2 and NADH produced by the oxidation of one acetyl-CoA results in the synthesis of about-

130000. The fixed cost is $15000 and the breakeven revenue is $45000 then the contribution margin is

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