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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2589

129451. Which of the following soil microorganism is involved in the reduction of sulfates to H2S?

129452. MCQ The gas molecules that absorb thermal infrared radiation and are present in large quantity to change the climate system are known as

129453. The Zonal Councils were Provided by

129454. वेदोक्‍त प्रकरण पुढीलपैकी कोणाशी संबंधित आहे.

129455. Recurrent chest pain and syncope is commonly seen in -

129456. Latent heat stands for

129457. Effective selling skills depend on—

129458. Headquarters of World Health Organisation are situated at

129459. વૌઠા શેના માટે જાણીતું છે ?

129460. A ...is a windows component that is designed to store other components so these can be organized efficiently?

129461. A diode placed in parallel across a relay coil serves what function?

129462. Which of the following is best described as secondary metabolite?

129463. நீர் மற்றும் கனிம உப்புக்களை தாவரத்தில் மேல்நோக்கி கடத்தும் திசு?

129464. Sucidal tendency seen in -

129465. In isometric exercise all are increased except -

129466. In water, the oxides of Na and Mg produce

129467. Which of the following is capable of oxidizing sulfur to sulfates?

129468. Jodhpur receives less rainfall than Delhi because

129469. The only Union Territory which has a High Court of its own is

129470. Chlorobenzene is one of

129471. Minimum chlorine content of water after chlorination should be ?

129472. Seeking guidance from experienced people for advising and counseling is called

129473. What did Parliament’s Proclamation of 1763 do?

129474. Which of the following statements are true:

129475. "धूमकड़िया" उराव युवक-युवतियों की प्रमुख संस्था हैं, जिसे कहा जाता हैं ?

129476. A simple reflex can be conditioned through

129477. Trees with hardwood and dense canopy are generally found in

129478. Liquid is characterised by its

129479. A 11 yrs old boy presented with the complaints of pain in the right arm near the shoulder.X-ray examination revealed an expansile lytic lesion in the upper third of humerus.The most likely diagnosis is

129480. कौन-सा त्यौहार वर्षा ऋतू के आरम्भ की सूचना देता है ?

129481. 2011 च्या जनगणनेनुसार महाराष्ट्रातील कोणत्या जिल्ह्यातील स्त्री-पुरुष लिंग गुणोत्तर सर्वाधीक (1123) आहे ?

129482. How much GDP spent for health in India ?

129483. An 18-year old boy presented with repeated epistaxis and there was a mass arising from the lateral wall of his nose extending into the nasopharynx.It was decided to operate him.All of the following are true regarding his management except:

129484. Which of the following functions CANNOT be used in the Totals row?

129485. राजस्थान का हरिद्वार कहा जाता है :

129486. A person wants to visit a malaria endemic area of low level chloroquine resistant falciparum malaria.The best chemoprophylaxis is

129487. கீழே கொடுக்கப்பட்டவைகளில் எது வாயு சுழற்சி அல்ல?

129488. ரோமன் மொழியில் MDCLXVI ஐ குறிக்கும் ஆண்டு?

129489. इनमे से किस भारतीय मूल की किस वैज्ञानिक ने एमआईटी में वर्ष 2015 का हेंज पुरस्कार जीता है ?

129490. महाराष्ट्रात नौऋत्य मोसमी वा·यापासून पडणा·या पावसाचे प्रमाण किती आहे.

129491. How long A. O. Hume guided the Congress while living in India?

129492. राज्य में "काबुली बाग" कहॉं पर हैं ?

129493. The unique signal, generated by a device, that tells the operating system that it is in need of immediate attention is called an:

129494. மட்டைப்பந்து விளையாட்டில் மிகச் சிறிய வயதில் சதம் அடித்தவர்?

129495. A patient comes with stage III non seminomatous testicular tumor t/t of choice is -

129496. On which of the following plants did Gregor Mendel perform his classical experiment?

129497. The reason of using a flat disk in a Turbine is

129498. भोपाळ वायुदुर्घटना ______या वर्षी घडली होती.

129499. Which of the following circuits is referred to as a BiMOS circuit?

129500. True statement about upper half anal canal is:

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