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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2578

128901. Water has the specific heat capacity of

128902. खालीलपैकी कोणत्या देशांचे प्रमुख २२व्या राष्ट्रकुल देशांच्या परिषदेला हजर राहू शकले नाही? अ] भारत ब] मॉरिशस क] कॅनडा ड] नेपाळ

128903. For right sided skewed deviation,true statement would be

128904. Van Laar equation deals with the activity co-efficients in

128905. ஹைட்ரஜன் எனப் பெயரிட்டவர்?

128906. HIPO is

128907. तिलक के विचारों से प्रभावित होकर चापेकर बन्धु ( दामोदर एंव बालकृष्ण ) ने पूना में अंग्रेज अधिकारी श्री रैण्ड पर हमला किया | श्री रैण्ड क्या थे ?

128908. दिया एक काम का 3/4 भाग 12 दिनों में कर सकती है मीना दिया से दोगुनी कुशल है मीना उस काम को कितने दिनों में समाप्त करेगी ?

128909. १९२० मध्ये.........येथे भरलेल्या कॉंग्रेसच्या वार्षिक अधिवेशनात असहकाराच्या ठरवला मंजुरी देण्यात आली

128910. एसेटाइलिन गॅस (acetylene gas) का अविष्कार किस वर्ष हुआ ?

128911. Commonest cause of acute upper GI Hemorrhage -

128912. Which command is used to find what is in your home directory?

128913. Synonym of CONSENT

128914. The greater the decay constant

128915. किस शासक की मृत्यु के बाद चेरों फिर से संगठित होकर अपने खोए हुए राज्य को प्राप्त किया ?

128916. What do NAD , NADP , and FAD all have in common?

128917. ഇന്ത്യയിലെ പ്രഥമ വനിതാ ഗവര്‍ണര്‍ [Inthyayile prathama vanithaa gavar‍nar‍ ]

128918. जिल्हा कृषी समितीचे पद्सिद्ब सचिव..........हे असतात.

128919. As compared to publicly placed issues, the privately placed bonds are issued for

128920. The services or products that customers buy immediately after noticing are classified as

128921. 1st law of thermodynamics is nothing but the law of conservation of

128922. In which organ of the body is the red blood corpuscle made?

128923. Which of the following is the most common cause of hyperparathyroidism?

128924. The main difference between a self-transmissible and a mobilizable plasmid is that the self-transmissible plasmid

128925. Which of the following bacteria is acid-fast?

128926. आजचा ( 3 जानेवारी 2012) विचार करता कोणत्या देशाचा समावेश संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघटनेच्या सुरक्षा समितीत स्थायी अथवा अस्थायी सदस्य देश म्हणून समावेश नाही ?

128927. एक विक्रेता क्लर्क , चेक आउट काउंटर पर किसी चीज का टैग स्कैन कर रहा हैं बजाय इसके कि सिस्टम में कीइंग करना , वह .....का प्रयोग कर रहा हैं |

128928. Dead zone is the

128929. Which of the following statement is false?

128930. ஹம்பி என அழைக்கப்படும் விஜயநகரம் எந்த நதிக்கரையில் அமைந்திருக்கிறது?

128931. A patient was administered epidural anaesthesia with 15 ml of 1.5%.Lignocaine with adrenaline for hernia surgery.He developed hypotension and respiratory depression within 3 minutes after administration of block.The most common cause Would be -

128932. ब्रिटीश राजवटीमध्ये ..................

128933. Which of the following function is used to find the first occurrence of a given string in another string?

128934. If the fixed cost is $80000, variable cost is $10 and the product is sold for $25 then the break-even volume is

128935. For every one molecule of sugar glucose which is oxidized __________ molecule of pyruvic acid are produced.

128936. The oxygen released during photosynthesis comes from

128937. Why, in most applications, are transistor switches used in place of relays?

128938. Meaning of baby has 15th percentile of head circumference is:

128939. The section view drawing in which one fourth of an object has been marked for removal is known as a ________ section.

128940. Clitoria has all of these characteristics but

128941. An agreement in which advance fee is made for commodities to be delivered afterwards on is

128942. Blink reflex is used for?

128943. When the fully developed splendid form of temple architecture emerged in India?

128944. When was Elizabeth I queen of England?

128945. ஜிப்பை கண்டுபிடித்தவர்?

128946. Gamma camera in Nuclear Medicine is used for:

128947. nC4 =

128948. In car engine the combustion of octane is done in

128949. प्रदेश के लखनऊ, इलाहाबाद और कानपूर के निकटवर्ती क्षेत्रों में प्रमुख रुप से कौनसी बोली बोली जाती है ?

128950. If the mash in the brewhouse is held too long it may undergo

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