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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2561

128051. Subroto Cup is associated with the game of

128052. Gerentology என்பது என்ன?

128053. On the scale of building, the gravitational field is

128054. एखाद्या राज्याने अमुक गोष्ट करावी वा करू नये हे .........यात स्पष्ट केलेले आहे .

128055. 'Bracket Calcification' on Skull X-ray is seen in -

128056. The technique first described to determine the incipient spoilage in meat was

128057. What was Zebulon Pike's nickname?

128058. When a computer is first turned on or restarted, a special type of absolute loader called____ is executed

128059. मध्य प्रदेश में किस महिने की गर्मी को द्वितीय ग्रीष्म ऋतु कहते हैं ?

128060. Which transistor bias circuit arrangement provides good stability using negative feedback from collector to base?

128061. A 64 yrs old hypertensive obsese female was undergoing surgery for fracture femur under general anaesthesia.Intra-operatively her end-tidal carbon dioxide decreased to 20 from 40 mm of Hg,followed by hypotension and oxygen saturation of 85%. What could be the most probable cause?

128062. All of the following agents are bactericidal,Except:

128063. Pulley in a belt drive acts as -

128064. The gradient of alveolar arterial oxygen tension increases in A/E-

128065. Name the first Inidan to swim across the English Channel-

128066. १९९५ मध्ये गॅटचे कोणत्या संघटनेत रुपांतर करण्यात आले ?

128067. उत्तर प्रदेश का प्रमुख लोकगीत (Folk Song) है -

128068. निम्न मे से कौन -सी कृति की रचना फयडोर डॉस्टोव्स्की ने की ?

128069. "Liberty is the positive power or capacity of doing or enjoying". Who said this?

128070. இரண்டு மதத்தினைச் சார்ந்த ஆண், பெண் இருவரும் கீழ்க்கண்ட சட்டப்படி திருமணம் செய்துகொள்ளலாம்

128071. The resistance of metal is affected by

128072. Who expounded the theory of 'Advaita'?

128073. If the population parameter μ and the unbiased estimate of population is x‾ then the sampling error is as

128074. Which Viceroy was assassinated during his tenure?

128075. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of

128076. The most toxic excretory product which quickly dissolves in body fluids is

128077. Which of the power amplifiers has the lowest overall efficiency?

128078. Where is the headquarters of Asian Development Bank (ADB) situated?

128079. Lysozyme is present in

128080. The mutation which will not affect the length of a protein is,

128081. Virilisation of female is present in all, except -

128082. The efficiency of an autotransformer for the same output compared to a two-winding transformer is

128083. The transcriptional regulatory proteins in eukaryotes which induce transcription usually have

128084. In growth-share matrix, the vertical axis represents

128085. The antibiotic penicillin is a small molecule that does not induce antibody formation. However, penicillin binds to serum proteins and forms a complex that in some people induces antibody formation resulting in an allergic reaction. Penicillin is the

128086. பாரம்பரிய பண்புகளைக் கடத்தும் மரபுப் பொருள்?

128087. Carpal tunnel syndrome is seen in -

128088. If TAP is coded as SZO, then how is FREEZE coded ?

128089. The scale of case benefit under the JSY scheme as per the revised norms for rural areas in a low performing state for a normal delivery is

128090. The initial value (t=0) of the unit step response of the transfer function [(s 1)/(2s 1)] is

128091. The type of line that projects from an object for the express purpose of locating a dimension is a ________ line.

128092. Distribution of blood flow in mainly regulated by the:

128093. ગુનાહીત વિશ્વાસઘાતની વ્યાખ્યા ઇન્ડીયન પીનલ કોડની કઇ કલમમાં આપવામાં આવેલ છે ?

128094. हाल ही मैं किन दो कंपनियों के मध्य गैस आधारित बिजली परियोजना पर समझौता किया गया है ?

128095. If the value of λ is 9 and value of random variable x is 5 then the value of z-score is

128096. ०.६३ व ०.३६ यांची सरासरी किती ?

128097. The salary and perquisites of the Prime minister of India are decided by the

128098. The SQL statement to create a view is:

128099. The bank which has the highest number of branches in the world is?

128100. અન્ત:પુર શબ્દનો સમાનાર્થી

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