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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2550

127501. Which of the following variable controls the physical properties of a perfect gas?

127502. Old paintings became discolourised due to

127503. What did the Northwest Ordinance say about slavery?

127504. Where in 1957 did Dwight Eisenhower send troops to enforce desegregation in schools?

127505. Where was Wystan Hugh Auden born?

127506. The graphic rating scale and checklist are classified as method of

127507. Which of the following is taken as an assumption in the distributed model?

127508. Lexus targets customer regardless of the country in which they lived - the "global elite" segment, this is called

127509. The point where spring oscillates with maximum amplitude is called

127510. All are true in definition of chronic bronchitis except -

127511. Which of the following muscles is supplied by mandibular nerve:

127512. Simple molecules or giant macromolecules are examples of

127513. Most common drug to be used for cycloplegia in a child of 6 years is

127514. In a database table, the category odf information is called

127515. 'फेमिना मिस इंडिया अर्थ २०१४'चा खिताब कोणी पटकावला?

127516. S. patorianns can cause

127517. झारखण्ड में अनुसूचित जनजातियों का प्रतिशत है -

127518. Where did Otto Warburg die?

127519. The charge on an ion is a measure of its

127520. The human IgG class of antibodies is divided into

127521. मध्यप्रदेश राज्य का कौन-सा नेता नेहरू की कैबिनेट में पहले रक्षामंत्री तथा बाद में गृहमंत्री बना ?

127522. கேதோட் கதிர் ஆசிலோஸ்கோப் பயன்படுவது?

127523. Referring to Figure 7-7, what action takes place at point \"W\" on the timing diagram?

127524. आधार कार्ड कशासाठी वापरता येणार नाही ?

127525. Which of the fossil fuels is the most highly efficient, versatile, and environmentally benign?

127526. If the relationship between employee and manager during performance appraisal then this type of appraisal is classified as

127527. The antimicrobial agent which inhibits the ergosterol biosynthesis is

127528. राज्यसभेच्या सभासदाच्या पात्रतेचे वय .........वर्षे असते.

127529. महाराष्ट्राचे राज्यपाल पद भूषविणारी एकमात्र महिला कोण ?

127530. MCQ The chemical substance used in industry for cold cleaning, adhesives and vapor degreasing is

127531. The 'Microsoft' pays new programmers for learning Windows particulars is classified as

127532. थियोसोफिकल सोसायटी ने भारत में कब और कहां अपना मुख्यालय बनाया ?

127533. Which of the following are attributes of Font tag?

127534. एक बस एक कार का पीछा कर रही है जो बस से 5 किमी. आगे है | उनकी चाल क्रमशः 90 किमी/घंटा तथा 75 किमी. / घंटा है | बस कार को कितने मिनट के पश्चात पकड़ लेगी ?

127535. During which phase, a cleavage furrow is formed in animal cells?

127536. The electro negativity of oxygen atom is

127537. Metabolic abnormality seen in congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is -

127538. சமதள ஆடிக்கு நெருக்கமாக ஒருவர் நகர்ந்தால் அடியால் உருவாகும் அவருடைய பிம்பத்தின் அளவு?

127539. The 2012 Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in

127540. The most serious infection is

127541. खानवा का युद्ध हुआ -

127542. हाल ही में 41वां G-7 शिखर सम्मेलन आयोजित कहा किया गया ?

127543. Procalcitonin is considered as marker for ?

127544. શહાણું માણસ લાભત નાહીં- કહેવતનો અર્થ લખો

127545. In the digital clock project, the purpose of the frequency prescaler is to:

127546. यदि A तथा B मिलकर किसी कार्य को 12 दिन, B तथा C मिलकर 15 दिन और C तथा A मिलकर 20 दिन में पूरा करते हैं तो अकेला B उस कार्य समय में पूरा करेगा ?

127547. MCQ The atomic theory was developed by John Dalton in

127548. The inputs to one cycle of the urea cycle are

127549. The atomic number of Strontium (Sr) is

127550. The microbial ecosystem of soil includes

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