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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2493

124651. The maximum number of covalent bonds formed by nitrogen is

124652. In triple screening test for down's syndrome during pregnancy all of the following are included except:

124653. Chemical formula of pyrite is--

124654. Where is the headquarters of Geological Survey of India located?

124655. Which of the following is the treatment for achlasia associated with high rate of recurrence?

124656. The -COOH is the functional group in

124657. Which of the following occurs when a transaction rereads data and finds new rows that were inserted by a command transaction since the prior read?

124658. Memory is made up of --

124659. A boy presents with complaints of hypoaesthesia and wasting of thenar eminence.The nerve most likely to damaged in this patient:

124660. The emphasis of Indian federation is on-

124661. हुंडी बाजार योजना निर्यात क्षेत्रास .....या वर्षी लागू केली गेली .

124662. What smallest number should be added to 4456 so that the sum is completely divisible by 6 ?

124663. असममित ऐल्कीनो मे योगज अभिक्रिया किस नियम के अनुसार होती है ?

124664. Which of the following amino acids is most likely to be found in the transmembrane region of a protein -

124665. P(i) represents the

124666. MCQ The headquarter of World Health Organization is located in

124667. It is desired to concentrate a 20% salt solution ( kg of salt in 100 kg of solution) to a 30% salt solution in an evaporator. Consider a feed of 300 kg/min at 30°C. The boiling point of the solution is 110°C, the latent heat of vaporisation

124668. In South Asia,the country with the largest percentage of aged population is -

124669. उत्तराखण्ड राज्य का कुल साक्षरता प्रतिशत है ?

124670. Membrane potential and the proton gradient

124671. Making new containers from crushed glass helps to

124672. Antenna complexes, electron transport chains, and carbon fixation are all found in

124673. न्यूराॅन एक सुक्ष्मदशी॔य संरचना है जो तीन भागो से मिलक्रर बनती है ? वे कौन -कौन सी है ?

124674. பம்பாய் இயற்கை வரலாறு நிறுவனம் துவங்கப்பட்ட ஆண்டு?

124675. If 2994 ÷ 14.5 = 172, then 29.94 ÷ 1.45 = ?

124676. Preparation of butter, ghee by a houshold for their own use is a part of -

124677. If 25 W of power are applied to the primary of an ideal transformer with a turns ratio of 10, the power delivered to the secondary load is

124678. A person goes to the mountains. when he reaches 5000 ft.he develops dyspnea.which of the following correctly explains for the symptoms.

124679. Which one of the following was an associate state of India before becoming a full fledged state ?

124680. The organism used for the preparation of sonti is

124681.  दोन सपाट आरशांमध्ये ठेवलेल्या पदार्थाच्या 11 प्रतिमा मिळण्यासाठी त्या दोनआरशांमधील कोण किती असावा  

124682. குவி ஆடியில் தோன்றும் பிம்பங்கள் அனைத்தும்?

124683. Plastics are

124684. किन चट्टानों को धात्विक खनिज का भण्डार कहा जाता हैं ?

124685. According to the lenz's law if you pull the magnet away then the induced current will

124686. How many beds are there in PHC for indoor patients ?

124687. Which is not a function of IgA?

124688. Outside the host cells, viruses do not

124689. Which of the following nitrogen sources is added in the fermentation medium of citric acid production?

124690. Which of the following group is not the carbohydrate containing antibiotic?

124691. Non-conductors include

124692. \'Heavy water\' is termed as \'heavy\' because it is

124693. Which amplifier is commonly used as a frequency multiplier?

124694. Which of the following is associated with MI ?

124695. In order to separate colors, dyes and amino acids, useful method will be

124696. 43s preinitiation complex include all except -

124697. Acantholysis involves -

124698. हाल ही में , ट्राई (TRAI ) किस सभांवित अधिसूचना के साथ आया है ?

124699. The largest masonry dam has been constructed on the river

124700. खालीलपैकी चुकीची जोडी - ओळखा.

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