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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2411

120551. २००९-१० या कालावधीत भारताचे युनो साठी नियमित साहाय्य _______कोटी रु. होते तर युनोच्या शांती सेनेसाठीचे साहाय्य _________रु. होते

120552. When it first convened in 1775, the Second Continental Congress did all of the following except

120553. Glucose is used to form

120554. Papulovesicular lesions on face, trunk palm and sole in a 9 months old child is seen in -

120555. Adenovirus is responsible for the disease

120556. If you travel along the Suez Canal from Port Said to Suez, you will come across several lakes. which of the following lakes is not on this Canal?

120557. कृषी विकासासाठी केल्या जाणाऱ्या पतपुरवठ्याच्या वितरणाचे किती स्तर आहेत ? 

120558. Which mosquito can fly the greatest distance -

120559. Where the endoderm and ectoderm approach each other in the head and neck region during the 4th week -

120560. In IPL Championship 2011 who was adjudged Man of the Series?

120561. Uremia occurs when total GFR is reduced by -

120562. The following are all true about Ipratropium bromide except

120563. राज्य में सिंचित कृषि क्षेत्र कितना प्रतिशत है ?

120564. Which one of the following suggested the reconstitution of the Viceroy's Executive Council in which all portfolios including that of War Members were to be held by the Indian leaders?

120565. भारतीय जनता पक्षाचे राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष कोण आहेत?

120566. Emitter bias requires

120567. Prophylatic intracranial irradiations are given in -

120568. विदुर का टीला नामक स्थान प्रदेश में कहां पर स्थित है ?

120569. When was Maurice Wilkins professor of biophysics at King’s College?

120570. Which of the following is not covered under the Minimum Need Programme?

120571. What is the content of /etc directory?

120572. सामन्यत: सूक्ष्मजीव __________ असतात.

120573. भारताच्या राज्यघटनेत दुरुस्ती करण्याची पद्धती...........मध्ये दिलेली आहे.

120574. Which hepatitis virus is notorious for causing a chronic hepatitis evolving cirrhosis?

120575. When did Doris Lessing write The Golden Notebook?

120576. Following are the effects of thiopentone sodium anesthesia EXCEPT

120577. Use of oral contraceptive pills provide protection against all of the following except -

120578. २००८ अखेर भारतीय रुपयांचे किती वेळा अवमूल्यन झाले ?

120579. In duchenne muscular dystrophy -

120580. निम्न में से कौन-सा नृत्य मुस्लिम समाज में विशेष रुप से प्रचलित है ?

120581. A variable P is called pointer if

120582. जैनधर्म के क्रमिक पतन के कारणों में निम्न में कौन-सा उत्तरदायी कारण नहीं था ?

120583. இரைச்சல் மாசிற்கு எடுத்துக்காட்டு?

120584. राज्य में सर्वाधिक तेन्दुपत्ता का उत्पादन होता है ?

120585. Who restored Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s citizenship in 1989?

120586. कुतुबमीनार का निर्माण पूरा किस शासक ने करवाया था ?

120587. Consider that n elements are to be sorted. What is the worst case time complexity of Bubblesort?

120588. Smoking during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of all of the following complications except -

120589. The 'Frederick Herzberg' and 'Abraham Maslow' gave the theories of

120590. All of the following are functions of CD4 helper cells except

120591. Which of the following registers is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the PC?

120592. राष्ट्रीय कृषि आयोग ने राज्य के कितने जिलों को रेगिस्तानी घोषित किया हैं?

120593. This means that a feature of a finished product contains the maximum amount of material permitted by the toleranced dimensions for that feature:

120594. Samantha Stosur won her first UP Open (Womens Singles) Tennis Championship. She is form -

120595. Hyperostosis is associated with all except -

120596. In oblique sketches, the most commonly used angles for receding lines are:

120597. Koebner phenomenon is encountered in each of the following EXCEPT:

120598. A boat running downstream covers a distance of 16 km in 2 hours while for covering the same distance upstream it takes 4 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water? (CTS COMPANY)

120599. Congnizable offence refers to an offence where

120600. The corrective mechanism of water loss does not involve

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