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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2316

115801. How many lines the truth table for a four-input NOR gate would contain to cover all possible input combinations ?

115802. A person who knows many foreign languages

115803. The two forces which make up Newton's third law can

115804. எரிமலை இல்லாத கண்டம் எது?

115805. The number of units are 3000 and the per unit price is $500 then the flexible budget variable is

115806. निम्न में से "अलाई मीनार" किस शहर में स्थित है ?

115807. गंगा नदीच्या पाणी वाटपाच्या प्रश्नावर यशस्वी समझोता कोणी केला.

115808. मार्स्ल प्राउस्ट ने कौन -सी क्रति लिखी?

115809. Who assassinated Malcolm X?

115810. ....... याने मुंबई प्रांतात ' रयतवारी ' व ' महालावरी ' पद्धतीची सांगड घालून महसूल व्यवस्था निर्माण केली

115811. Which directory is used to write messages when kernel is loading?

115812. इन्स्पायर अवाूर्ड - योजना 2011 ही कोणत्या उद्देशाने कार्यान्वित करण्यात आली आहे.

115813. Swayamsidha' is a scheme launched by the Government of India to help -

115814. When can the Speaker exercise his right to vote in the House ?

115815. The word kinetic comes from

115816. When was the X window system born?

115817. The information about specific salary and wage rate for particular job is part of

115818. கோழி இறைச்சியில் அடங்கியுள்ள ஊட்டச்சத்து?

115819. ABO incompatibility occurs in a patient with no prior history of blood transfusion because of:

115820. Who was the last British Governor General who addressed the Constituent Assembly ?

115821. MCQ The study of current and past landscapes formation is known as

115822. What is the area of Missouri?

115823. Which query do you use to answer the question "Which employees earn more than $5000 a month"?

115824. ;ब्राहामनाचे कसब ' हे पुस्तक ज्योतीबांनी ------यांना अर्पण केले आहे .

115825. The rate adjusted to allow for the age distribution of the population is -

115826. In an SCR the holding current is

115827. Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is characterised by the following except -

115828. தலைமை நாளமில்லா சுரப்பி எனப்படுவது?

115829. The words 'Satyameva Jayate' in the State Emblem of India, have been adopted from which one of the following?

115830. Two principal advantages of the dual-slope ADC are its:

115831. Tab scroll buttons are place on Excel screen

115832. In massive pulmonary embolism, the embolus may obstruct -

115833. Who among the following became the first citizen of India to get twelve digits unique identification?

115834. இவற்றுள் எது கூழ்மம் அல்லாத பொருள்?

115835. Green Park', where test cricket is played, is located in -

115836. What are mistaken by Don Quixote for giants?

115837. सहकारी संस्थांच्या तीस-या कायद्यानुसार कोणत्या बँकेची स्थापना झाली ?

115838. Who was the painter of the famous 'Bharatmata' ?

115839. कॉन्फ्रंटेशन विथ पाकिस्तान ( confrontation with pakistan ) पुस्तक के रचनाकार कौन है ?

115840. The retail business built on a place that is owned, planned and developed as single business unit is classified as

115841. கிர் சரணாலயம் எங்குள்ளது?

115842. Which of the following fertilisers is used as a cattle feed?

115843. No terms of a Harmonic sequence can be

115844. Consumption of which nutrient leads to the multiplication of oral bacteria?

115845. आरम्भ में हुमायूं के पैर जिस शासक ने नहीं जमने दिये , उसका नाम थाः ?

115846. When a 1.6 k ohm resistor and a 120 ohm resistor are connected in parallel, the total resistance is

115847. Fasanella Servan operation is specifically indicated in:

115848. Which one of the given compounds with same number of electrons, have lower boiling point?

115849. Who among the following is directly responsible to Parliament for all matters concerning the Defence Services of India ?

115850. भारतातील हिमालय पर्वत हा ____________ प्रकारचा पर्वत आहे.

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