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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2296

114801. Rs1200 amounts to Rs1632 in 4 years at a certain rate of simple interest. If the rate of interest is increased by 1%, it would amount to how much?(CAP GEMINI COMPANY)

114802. A lady presented with VVF due to prolong labour one year back,on examination ectopic opening is found on the interuretric bar close to the opening of right ureter,Treatment of choice is:

114803. __________ is normally used for the manufacture of refrigerator components and transistor parts.

114804. Which of the following copper alloys is used for the manufacture of control valves?

114805. कपड़ो का शहर कहा जाता हैं ?

114806. உணவை திரவ வடிவில் உட்கொள்வது?

114807. A five year old child presents with left ventricular hypertrophy and central cyanosis what is the most probable diagnosis?

114808. The American victory at the1811 Battle of Tippecanoe

114809. फ्रेंच ओपन 2010 मधील पुरुष एकेरीचा विजेता कोण?

114810. An Ultraviolet light does not include

114811. महाराष्ट्र शासनाने 'रोजगार हमी योजना ' कोणत्या वर्षी सुरु केली ?

114812. The legal and management consulting are best classified as

114813. भारत के पहले ध्रुवीय दूर वाहन को किस जगह पर संचालित किया गया है ?

114814. Most common site of oesophageal carcinoma-

114815. Which magazine did James Henry Leigh Hunt edit in 1819-1821?

114816. Glycosphingolipidis made up of -

114817. For the treatment of urinary tract infection during first trimester of pregnancy, best drug is -

114818. मराठा साम्राज्य के पतन के बारे मेम निम्न में से कौन -सा कथन सही नहीं हैं ?

114819. In which year the National Dairy Development Board(NDDB) was established through an Act of Parliament with the head-quarters at Anand(Gujarat)?

114820. Where does a carbonyl (C=0) stretch appear in an IR spectrum?

114821. Local numbness and loss of sensation is not caused by

114822. The operation involved when the soluble material is largely on the surface of an insoluble solid and is merely washed off by the solvent is called

114823. A Student class has a property called rollNo and stu is a reference to a Student object and we want the statement stu.RollNo = 28 to fail. Which of the following options will ensure this functionality?

114824. The mineral which aids in the utilization of iron and in hemoglobin synthesis is

114825. Which of the following is record based logical model?

114826. छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य के किस जिले में बॉक्साइट पाया जाता है ?

114827. குறை கடத்தி என்பதற்கு ஓர் உதாரணம்?

114828. Which is the family of squirrel?

114829. Who is the youngest elected President of USA?

114830. __________ play a key role in the transformation of rock to soil.

114831. राजेन्द्र कृषि विश्विविद्यालय, पुसा किस जिले में स्थित है ?

114832. प्राणी जगत का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा प्राणी संघ कौन -सा है ?

114833. The primary purpose of an operating system is a...

114834. Primary amebic meningoencephalitis is caused by

114835. Which of the following species of different genera of bacteria are not capable of transforming nitrate to nitrogen?

114836. ___________ is a common tool for determining services and ports running on a remote Linux.

114837. Positive feedback action of estrogen for inducing luteininzing hormone surge is associated with which of the following steroid hormone ratios in peripheral circulation:

114838. Karan has been ill for a week when her parents arrived for a visit.

114839. S4 is caused by -

114840. Which one of the following stains is specific for Amyloid?

114841. अंतिम में वायसराय माउंटबेटन भारत आया था

114842. Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 37 1/2 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. Both pipes are opened. The cistern will be filled in just half an hour, if the B is turned off after:

114843. A neonate delivered at 38 weeks of gestation with a birth weight of 2.2 kg develops intolerance to feed /abdominal distension on second day.Physical examination is unremarkable.Sepsis screen is negative.PCV is observed to be 72%.Which of the following represents the best management option.

114844. The diffused impurities with ________ valence electrons are called donor atoms.

114845. What was Neville Chamberlain’s portfolio in 1924-1929?

114846. Continuous spectrum is the characteristic of matter which is present in

114847. If Y is the smallest set such that Y U {1, 2} = {1, 2, 3, 5, 9}, then Y is equal to

114848. When pressure is applied on the system, icewater, then

114849. 102 वीं भारतीय विज्ञान कांग्रेस का विषय(theme ) क्या है?

114850. The radius of a wheel is 1.75 m and it makes 3 revolutions per second. The speed of the wheel in km/hr is ______.

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