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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2268

113401. Which tab in Font dialog box contain options to apply font effects?

113402. A goal of data mining includes which of the following?

113403. ಚೀನಾದ ಯಾತ್ರಿಕ ಹ್ಯೂಯೆನತ್ಸಾಂಗ್ ನ ಇನ್ನೊಂದು ಹೆಸರೇನು? ಉತ್ತರ :- ಯುವಾನ್ ಚ್ವಾಂಗ್. 1. ಮೃತದೇಹವನ್ನು ಕೆಡದಂತೆ ಇರಿಸಲು ಬಳಸುವ ರಾಸಾಯನಿಕ ಯಾವುದು?

113404. Which of the following statements about tab order setting is NOT true?

113405. Who among the following had got the Bharat Ratna Award before becoming the President of India?

113406. Which of the following is important in athero-sclerosis -

113407. Which of the following CANNOT be a target for a custom attribute?

113408.  कोणते कवक हे उपयुक्त कवक आहे ?

113409. Shylock' character is created by-

113410. If in a computer, 16 bits are used to specify address in a RAM, the number of addresses will be

113411. Most sensitive diagnostic test for dengue is?

113412. When did John Northrop win Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

113413. In business buying process, the group having informal or formal power of approving suppliers is classified as

113414. Gases are

113415. Relative humidity

113416. Where did Samuel Beckett live from 1937 onwards?

113417. Chloroplast along with water, sunlight and CO2 develop

113418. Zener diode is used as the main component in dc power supply for:

113419. In step growth polymerisation, generally only one type of reaction & some basic mechanism is involved. Step growth polymerisation reaction is not involved in the manufacture of

113420. किस राज्य सरकार ने " ई - विधान मोबाइल एप्लिकेशन" का शुभारंभ किया है ?

113421. The second largest Island (next to Greenland) of the world is-

113422. The membrane present in eukaryotes is

113423. Which of the following parks/areas habitats is recognised as the world's Largest Marine Sanctuary?

113424. diesel locomotive Works कहा स्थित हैं ?

113425. What is the total resistance of fifteen 2 M ohm resistors connected inParallel?

113426. उत्तराखण्ड राज्य में व्यक्ति प्रति वर्ग किलोमीटर (जनसंख्या घनत्व) पाए जाते है ?

113427. An individual whose blood type is B may in an emergency donate blood to a person whose blood type is:

113428. मौर्योत्तर काल में उत्तर प्रदेश का कौन-सा शहर का नगर रेशम मार्ग से सम्बन्ध था और एशिया से जुड़ा हुआ था ?

113429. An antigen preparation and an antibody preparation are tested by immunodiffusion. Three bands are found, indicating that

113430. छत्तीसगढ़ी की पहली फिल्म कौन सी है?

113431. A dense bacterial population caught in a tangled web of fibers sticking to a surface describes

113432. Considering facts about Sun, the Astronomical Unit is the difference between

113433. With reference to normal human beings consider the following statements: 1. In response to the presence of HCL, secretin is produced from the duodenum. 2. Enterogastrone is produced in the small intestine in response to the presence of fatty acids. Which of the statements is/are correct?

113434. नांदेड जिल्ह्याचे विद्यमान पालकमंत्री कोण आहेत ?

113435. The following statements about Magnesium are true except -

113436. Which of the following persuaded the Virginia House of Burgesses to pass the Virginia Resolves?

113437. When did Louis Mountbatten die?

113438. An amplitude ratio of 0.1 corresponds to __________ decibels.

113439. पेड़ की कौन सी प्रजाति कैंसर के इलाज हेतु दवाईयाँ बनाने में काम आती है ?

113440. Kinetic molecular theory describes behaviour of gases

113441. X - கதிர்கள் செல்லும் திசைவேகம் ........... சமம்?

113442. All the following can produce febrile jaundice EXCEPT

113443. A telephone number, a birth date, and a customer name are all examples of—

113444. ஒரு 100 வாட், 220 வோல்ட் கொண்ட விளக்கு எடுத்துககொள்ளக்கூடிய மின்னோட்டம்?

113445. MCQ The wing of World Bank Group 'IDA' is abbreviation of

113446. भारताने जुलै 2013 मध्ये कोणत्या देशातील जलविद्युत प्रकल्प निर्मितीसाठी 95 कोटी अमेरिकन डॉलरचे ऋण देण्याची घोषणा केली आहे?

113447. In India which of the following measures of money denotes the Broad Money ?

113448. The chromosomal karyotype in Patau syndrome is -

113449. Which State now has 75 districts?

113450. प्रसिध्द नैमिषारण्य तीर्थ प्रदेश के किस जिले में है ?

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